Review: Suri
SURI - A.C. Arthur

The Donovan Dynasty (Book #5)

Artistry Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Get ready for another deep dive into the secrets, drama, and mysteries that are synonymous with the Donovan family. We have experienced suspense-filled moments, heartaches, long-kept secrets, healing, love, and undying family support in the stories of DANE, ROARK, RIDGE, and TAYLAYA. Now, in this fifth book, SURI, the ever-present danger to the Donovans is still prevalent, but those long-kept secrets are coming to light and the pressure of the Donovans constantly looking over their shoulders and being guarded by bodyguards 24-7 is eased by truths slowly coming to the light! Let’s begin with Bridgette “Birdie” Donovan, the feisty 92-year-old matriarch of the Donovan clan. Birdie is truly an enigma, and in order to gain more insight into her character, I highly recommend that you read A LEGACY IS BORN - A Donovan Prequel. It’s a great lead-in to SURI. The Donovan name is on the line, and Suri, along with Birdie, will unlock secrets that will rock the Donovan family legacy to its very core.

Once again, the Donovans are faced with a threat to their family that is aimed at destroying them. Enter Special Agent Pierce Rawlings who is determined to uncover the threat to the Donovans, and protect Suri Donovan, who “dominates” his heart. You’ll get that when you read the story. When the story opens, Birdie is hospitalized due to a coma from a stroke. This throws the family into turmoil. Suri practically lives at the bedside of her beloved aunt. Pierce is right by her side as he investigates the threats that the family is experiencing from outside sources. The threats are getting worse, and it is not until Suri discloses the contents of a box that Birdie has secretly kept for decades that family secrets come to light. As Birdie often said, “Every woman has secrets.” Fans, those secrets that Birdie carried were almost the “undoing” of the Donovan clan. No tea, no spoilers. I’ll allow you to discover what the family finds out about their beloved Birdie when you read the book. Mind- blowing!  In the meantime, I can’t omit the Suri-Pierce romance that evolves during all the turmoil. Those two together are HOT, like The Corporation HOT! (If you’re a fan, then you get that little reference.)

Besides the Donovans who serve as side characters, there is a sinister bunch (including the appearance of more family by another mother) who contribute to the intrigue of the storyline. On the other hand, the HFN for Suri and Pierce is full of promise!

SURI is action-packed, full of drama, love, deceit and secrets that features one of the premier families of Romancelandia.  It’s a great read! I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

9th January 2024 |