Review: Starting Over with the Maverick


Montana Mavericks (Book #5)

Harlequin Montana Mavericks


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: STARTING OVER WITH THE MAVERICK is another sweet contemporary romance from one of my favorite authors, Kathy Douglass. Bronco, Montana is the setting where we get to know another member of the famous rodeo Hawkins family. Elizabeth Hawkins, with her twin daughters, is in Bronco to regroup and make some decisions about her family’s future after the death of her husband two years ago in Queensland, Australia, where they lived.  Of course, her sisters, who live in Bronco are hoping she and her five-year-old twin daughters, Lucy and Gianna, will stay.

To help get acclimated to Bronco, and to help her children meet other children in the town, Elizabeth agrees to participate in a horse-riding camp, the Pony Club, where the children in town will have access to horses and learn to ride and care for them. Plus, her twins will have a great outlet to get know other children. It’s a win-win situation. However, Elizabeth never would have imagined meeting widower, Jake McCreery, a Bronco rancher with three children, Molly, Pete, and Ben. I must tell you that the attraction was immediate for both of them. The children drive the narrative from the moment that they first meet. They get along so well that play dates, and dinners together are planned. Molly, the oldest, is awarded a part-time job as a “Mother’s helper” to Elizabeth’s twins. Jake makes no secret that he wants Elizabeth to stay in Bronco. The adults and the children bond over food, with Elizabeth introducing the McCreerys to Australian cuisine. I love the scene when Jake and Elizabeth have their first date.

The twins, Lucy and Gianna, and the McCreery brood, Molly, Pete, and Ben are the true stars of this story. They help Elizabeth realize that once again love is what family is made of. You’ll completely get it when you read the story. The HFN is a sure thing for Jake and Elizabeth. You just know that the HEA is not far away.

I enjoyed this second ‘chance-at-love story’, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.
STARTING OVER WITH THE MAVERICK is part of the new continuity series, Montana Mavericks: The Anniversary Gift.

21st May 2024 |