Review: Spin The Block

The Love & Music Suite (Book #1)

Sinfully Sweet Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: SPIN THE BLOCK: A Second Chance Romance is a wonderful introduction to this series by the talented Reese Ryan. This book is the first of four in The Love & Music Suite as Ms. Ryan dubs it. I love the idea of blending love and music in a story, two of my favorite things. In this story we are introduced to Karrisma “Karris” Baker and Wardell “Ward” Hughes who attended the same high school in Atlanta, Georgia- Peachtree School of the Arts. If the school sounds familiar, it is also the same school that another of Ms Ryan’s heroines attended in DATE FOR HIRE. The heroine, Amaya Walker and her love interest, Jet Thomas, also appear in this story as side characters who have sealed their HEA.

Karris is trying to restart her flailing singing career after a bad break-up with fellow singer, Monte Graves. The publicity after the break-up is not in her favor at all. She needs to reverse that image of “a poor broken-hearted has been”. In steps her old high school boyfriend, Ward, who is looking to take his place in the music world to new heights going from one of the most popular DJ’s in the industry to songwriting and producing. Their high school break-up was not a good one due to Karris’ manager’s direction. Now, as they both look to elevate their careers, they are brought together by agreeing to a fake relationship that they both feel they can benefit from. Their families and friends know exactly what is going to happen and watch from the sidelines as the “slow burn” romance between our heroine and hero builds to a crescendo.

I really like the side character, Cedrick “EtCedEra” Brown, an in-demand record producer and best friend to Ward. Cedrick’s story is next in line for the second book in The Love & Music Suite. What a great descriptive theme for this entertaining series! The HFN for Karris and Ward holds so much promise. I’m sure we’ll see them again in
Book #2.

SPIN THE BLOCK is an engaging and enjoyable story. Did you know that “spin the block” means “to get back with someone you used to be romantically involved with”? Everything about this story just clicks! I recommend it for your reading pleasure!

21 March 2024 |