Review: Something So Sweet
Montlake Romance
January 2022
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Talented writer and storyteller, Joy Avery, introduces readers to a new series to start this new year. Honey Hill, North Carolina, is the setting for this sweet story that presents a compelling look at the citizens of a small town. Ms. Avery starts this series highlighting the dedicated Mayor of Honey Hill, Lunden Pierce, and Quade Cannon, who returns to Honey Hill after he inherits the coveted Inn on Main from Ms. Shugga, his aunt and an icon of the little town. The Inn is at the heart and soul of this story as Lunden and Quade vie over the possession of the inn. Also at stake is their personal relationship that is on shaky ground.

When Quade returns to Honey Hill, he is determined to sell the inn that his Aunt Shugga left him, and return to his life in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although he has great memories from visiting his aunt and enjoying everything that Honey Hill offered during the summer days of his youth, Quade also has some negative feelings that relate to that time of his life. One of the more positive experiences, however, has to do with Lunden. Those two have history. Lunden’s backstory is also troublesome, which prompted her return to Honey Hill with her son, Zachary, in tow. I like Zachery’s role in this story. Although he’s young, he has a lot to contribute to the outcome of the story. I like the smooth flow of the storyline as Ms. Avery presents the town through the introduction of its eclectic citizens. Great characters!

Speaking of characters; the minor characters do their parts well as they add to the intrigue of the story and support the main characters; from the Chamber sisters, Bonita and Harriet, to Ms. Jewel, and Rylee, Lunden’s best friend, you’re going to love them. I’m sure we will see them again as the series progresses. Of course, there’s always one character who is over the top. That would be Hilary. You’ll get that when you read the story.

Lunden and Quade have a lot to deal with as they struggle with their personal relationship, their business relationship and coming to grips with their past relationships. I enjoyed taking the journey with them as they eventually succumbed to the chemistry that everybody, including Zachary, could sense when they were together. Those love scenes snapped, crackled and popped! The couples’ HEA is so sweet and satisfying.

I enjoyed
SOMETHING SO SWEET, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. It’s the first book of a new series, Honey Hill, so I strongly suggest you grab a copy and become acquainted with the denizens of Honey Hill. You can thank me later.

18th January 2022 |