Review: Some Kind of Love
Smoke and Burn (Book #1)
Elle Writes Books
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: SOME KIND OF LOVE is the start of a new series featuring the men who own the “Smoke and Burn Cigar” lounge.

Taylar Cross kissed corporate America goodbye and followed her dream to start an event planning company: Taylor Made Events. Unfortunately, her love life isn’t as successful. You know your dating life is bad when even your father calls you a “bum magnet”!  Taylor is finally with a good guy, he’s just not the one. She is planning her childhood friend’s wedding and that’s where the brooding best man, Keon Webb, comes into play. Taylar has had a crush on her brother, Ryker’s best friend, Keon, forever, but they also had a sister/brother bond. She went so far as to name her “Ken” doll after him. Keon has spent years making sure his brother Rashaad was okay after their parents untimely passing. He’s begrudgingly paying for his wedding to a bridezilla. The brothers are also part owners of Smoke and Burn.

Years ago, Keon rescued Taylar from a situation and his view of Taylar gradually changed. While talking to his brother about the wedding, he finds himself fantasizing about the wedding planner out of the blue. At some point she transformed from “mean lil Sis to fine woman”. Fast forward and Keon is there for Taylar again when she has had too much to drink after dealing with a difficult situation. It is part comedy and part therapeutic until the energy between them shifts. There is a natural progression to a brief, yet tender kiss. Taylar no longer looks at Keon like a little sis with a crush, but as a woman appreciating a man. He is like a sculpted masterpiece. His ebony skin, eyes and locs make her swoon. After a sensual encounter, Taylar is all in. Keon doesn’t do relationships because deep down he is afraid of loss, however the passion between them could not be denied.

Ms. Wright stays on brand with an easy-going story with a supportive family and fun friend group. They have you laughing out loud one minute and touched by the love and companionship they share. There is a pivotal family scene at a restaurant that is written so well. It is realistic and both parties are able to come to an understanding. Supporting characters round out the story. Fans will remember Taylor’s brother Maddox from
TEN CHRISTMAS SHOTS. Duke and Bliss Young also made small, but impactful appearances. I really enjoyed SOME KIND OF LOVE and look forward to the next book in the series.

28th March 2023 |