Review:  Snowbound Second Chance

Valentine Vineyards (Book #3)

Harlequin Desire


Brenda Larnell (A)

REVIEW: The transition to the third story, SNOWBOUND SECOND CHANCE in the Valentines Vineyards Series, is flawless as it opens with Nolan in the emergency room of a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee where his brother, Sebastian, is lying in bed. At the end of ONE SUMMER OF LOVE, Nolan’s story, he and Sebastian had a conversation about Sebastian being stressed out and looking haggard from his demanding position as CEO of Valentine Textiles, the company that his family previously owned, but is now owned by a conglomerate with Sebastian trying to steer the company in the direction that he believes is best. With the insistence of the emergency room doctor and Nolan, Sebastian is persuaded to make some serious changes to his lifestyle, starting with taking a sabbatical from his highly stressed job.

As Sebastian ponders his health crisis and being married to his job, which caused a divorce some four years ago, with Nolan’s urging, he takes a three-month medical sabbatical from his CEO position, and travels to Magnolia Lake to rejuvenate. Enter Evelisse “Evvy” Jemison, sister of Kayleigh Jemison Abbott (
ENGAGING THE ENEMY). Kayleigh seriously injured herself while mountain biking, and she needs Evvy to manage the Sweet Magnolia Inn for three months until Kayleigh gets back on her feet. Of course, Evvy agrees. She is unhappy and unfulfilled as a personal assistant to a Hollywood director after her acting career nose-dived.  It’s just a matter of time before she and Sebastian are reunited again after meeting a year ago at an Abbott function.

I love a weather crisis that brings a couple together, and Ms. Ryan creates a doozy of a snowstorm that brings Sebastian and Evvy together. Evelisse Jemison is just what the doctor ordered for Sebastian’s health and well-being. Their first kiss is proof of that.  The plot thickens, or I should say the snow deepens, forces close proximity, and a one-bed situation leads to some steamy hot encounters.  However, the snowstorm will pass, and it will be back to reality for our snowbound couple. What’s going to happen? Will they go their separate ways once the three months are up? I leave those questions for you to ponder and fill in the answers after you have read the book. I will say that I loved the scene where Sebastian had a “come-to-Jesus” moment in the parking lot of Valentine Textiles. The Epilogue is everything! A year certainly brings about a change in the lives of our couple.

I loved reading about the Abbotts in the
Bourbon Brothers Series, and now that the Valentines have come on board in the Valentine Vineyards Series, the stories about these two fantastic book families living in a small town are layered with their own brand of family drama and family love. I recommend this double treat, ONE SUMMER OF LOVE and SNOWBOUND SECOND CHANCE for your reading pleasure

26th August 2023 |