Review: Snow Place Like Home

A Christmas Novel

Thomas Nelson


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW:  The versatile writing skills of author Lacey Baker (aka A.C. Arthur) is remarkable! From the beyond normal paranormal stories, sultry contemporary romance, to inspirational stories that speak to family and faith, you are guaranteed a great read. SNOW PLACE LIKE HOME, a contemporary inspirational story has “made for television” all over it. Ella Wilson, a curator, and Seth Hamil, a music instructor and widower, are the perfect characters to highlight this story of loss, recovery, faith and family. Bellepoint, Pennsyvania is the perfect setting for this Christmas-themed story that is guaranteed to restore your belief in all things Christmas.

When the story opens, Ella is saying goodbye to her co-workers and her position as a curator at the Liberty Art Gallery in Philadelphia. Of course, it’s a sad time for our heroine, but it’s even sadder when she recalls the “Christmas jinx” that has haunted her since she was a child. I’m going to let you discover what that means when you read the story. Meanwhile, in her adopted hometown of Bellepoint, Pennsylvania, the citizens, including her beloved Aunt Addie who raised Ella after the death of her mother, are making plans to deck the town and celebrate everything Christmas. Aunt Addie makes a “couldn’t happen at a better time” call to Ella to invite her to Bellepoint for the holidays. With no job and nothing else to do, Ella agrees and heads for the only home she has known since she was a young girl. As it happens, Seth Hamil, a native of Bellepoint, is also having his own life crisis due to the death of his wife. I like how he becomes a prominent figure in Ella’s life as they are there for each other to deal with the “what next” phase of their lives.

If you love everything Christmas: the spiritual and cultural traditions, food, decorations, the goodwill, and especially the Christmas music that Ella and Seth share, you are going to love this story. I tell you it has the makings of a Hallmark Christmas movie from the beginning to the end.

The side characters, Aunt Addie, Ella’s friends, Seth’s family, and fraternity brothers support Ella and Seth in every possible way. The Epilogue is a testament to their support as our couple experiences a beautiful HFN.

SNOW PLACE LIKE HOME is a well-written, entertaining, and inspirational story that I recommend for your reading pleasure. It’s a story that I would love to see on TV. In the meantime, pick up a copy of SNOW PLACE LIKE HOME. Great read!

10th October 2023 |