Review: Smoke Screen

SMOKE SCREEN - Kimmie Ferrell

Four20 Bae (Book #6)

KF Books


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: My next review for the Four20 Bae Series Anthology comes from an author who always comes through with a fresh take that pulls you into the story. Raphael Reed and Ashlynn Harrison had been in a relationship twice! As a matter of fact, Ashlynn has been crushing on Raphael since she was fourteen. It all started with a game of “Spin-the-Bottle” when they experienced their first kiss. Later, they carried on a secret romance until it didn’t work for them. Raphael had some issues, and he did not want to hold Ashlynn back. Yes, fans, this is a third-chance romance story. Is the third time the charm?

Ashlynn, whom Raphael calls “Dream”, has established herself as the chief vintner for her family’s business, Harrison Family Vineyards. It’s been five years since she and Raphael have seen each other. Wouldn’t you know that on New Years’s Eve their paths cross again. I love that scene! Raphael and Ashlynn are once again brought together, but under the guise of business. Raphael is the owner of Weed the People (Don’t you just love that title?), an upscale marijuana dispensary in D.C. I’ll allow you to discover the business venture that Raphael and Ashlynn enter together. From the very minute they are reunited, the sparks fly, and you just know that this couple is going to burn up the pages of this story. That’s not all that burns. The story is lit! IJS.

Some of the side characters who play significant roles in our couple’s lives are old friends. Nathaniel Reed, Raphael’s brother, and his wife Stephanie are from
MR. PLAY FOR KEEPS: Baes of Juneteenth. Guess who shows up again—MJ, Malcolm Jacobs, who is that dude, and I have learned that character specifically created for this series. He definitely needs his own story.

The playlist for
SMOKE SCREEN is a hit! What is more, Ms Ferrell didn’t stop with including a playlist. There is also a “Try It for Yourself” recipe, along with the author’s disclaimer, for cannabis-infused wine. Kudos to the author for hitting it out the park with the research!

The HFN for our couple is sealed with four words spoken by Raphael at the end of the story. WYKYK.

I love this story, and what is more, I love this series.
SMOKE SCREEN is an excellent and ingenious addition to the Four20 Bae Anthology, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

19th April 2024 |