Review: Slick

The Enigma Series (Book #3)

She Loves Words Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Well, we have come to the final story that highlights the Lewis family. We’ve heard from SMOKE, Elijah Lewis, MAESTRO, Eli Lewis, and now SLICK, Sarai Lewis. First, I love Slick’s story. When we first meet her, she is carrying a lot of resentfulness, sadness, and abandonment issues. No wonder she is slicing and dicing folk without giving it a second thought.

Thank goodness for Malachi and therapy! Malachi “Chi” Montgomery is the hip-hop loving lawyer who is completely infatuated with Ms Sarai Lewis the minute she steps into his office. Malachi is the son of the Lewis family’s Consigliere who has taken over the practice due to his father’s health issues. Malachi is unorthodox, sexy, and brilliant. He and Sarai make quite the couple…steam-heat!

Sarai’s character is so well-written. Kudos to Aja who really gives us a well-rounded character in Sarai (Slick). She is strong, smart, good looking, yet flawed. We are privileged to watch her deal with dangerous situations, rough therapy sessions, and come through a changed woman.  Malachi is right there with her every step of the way! So are Eli and Smoke. Sarai ‘s dilemma is that the one person she wants by her side is not there. I’ll let you discover who that character is, and why she is having such a difficult time handling it. It’s really the heart and soul of this story. The story’s climax is sensational! It is a powerful, cathartic, and baneful scene with all the major players present. However, it is followed with a HFN that will make you smile. Check out the playlist that accompanies the story. The music fits the storyline perfectly!

Enigma Series has been engrossing, entertaining and emotional. Each story is Taylor-made for the titled character. SLICK is my favorite. I highly recommend it! You can thank me later.

4th July 2023 |