Review: Sinfully Sweet Confession

Naughty Season

Coffee'd Pink Creative


Cheryl McNeil (A)

REVIEW: SINFULLY SWEET CONFESSIONS is the latest book in the Black Lush (Naughty Season) Series. Nectario “Rio” Hood designs custom-made sneakers, he’s a tattoo artist, and one of the featured “Hoods” at Lush. He’s annoyed when he has to meet the potential chef for his “Sinfully Sweet Hoodsneak” event at 3 am, and Chef Kinny isn’t answering. After gaining entry, he realizes the “he” is a “she”, who’s in a bit of jam. Kinneth “Kinny” Blossom to be exact. Kinny is a financial advisor, but baking is her passion. She recently moved to Chicago and got the opportunity to manage her best friend’s older sister’s, Nessy’s, candy shop and use her industrial kitchen for catered events.

Once Rio and Kinny get past being annoyed and see each other for the first time, something clicks right away. Rio is drawn in by her deep brown eyes. They are soulful and he feels as if she can uncover all his secrets. He doesn’t waste any time expressing what he wants to taste; something sweet that isn’t on the menu! Kinny can’t help but flirt with Rio. There is so much to be attracted to, like his deep coffee colored skin and strong jawline. He is muscular but is also kind and makes her feel warm and cozy. They also have a lot in common. Their creative minds are in sync and they both love dessert before a meal. However, there is a barrier to the two moving forward, but Rio doesn’t care one bit because their chemistry is off the charts. In true “Hood” fashion, once Rio falls, he falls hard. He knows what he wants and there is no turning back. He offers her a proposition she can’t refuse.

Ms. Green continues to push the envelope with the
Black Lush Series and SINFULLY SWEET CONFESSIONS is naughty with a capital “N”. She also adds something different. Rio has a unique attribute/obsession that makes his attraction to Kinny even stronger. This intrigued me and had me looking in my dictionary. The conflict is brief; however, the story isn’t cut and dry. Kenny’s trust has been betrayed so she has to do some soul searching to determine what she really wants. The chapter titles are unique and made me crave something sweet. Supporting characters, featured in prior books, round out the story. I highly recommend SINFULLY SWEET CONFESSIONS for your enjoyment.

1st June 2023 |