Review: S.I.B.Lings
S.I.B.LINGS - Iris Bolling

The Society of Intellectual Beings (Book #2)

Siri Austin Entertainment


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Fasten your seatbelts, fans; it’s going to be a wild ride! Welcome to the Iris Bolling Universe! First, if you have not read S.I.B.s, the first book of this series, stop now. Reading the first book is a must. I also recommend you read NEWS WITH CURVES. The recurring characters, and the connected storylines will help you understand the “big picture”. S.I.B.LINGS is not a stand-alone book.

The aggressive move for total power of the United States government by one man is eminent. Bradford Chambers III, a psychopath, is making moves that you would not believe. He has in his possession a serum that is deadly, and he will use it and sell it to anyone who is down for his cause like the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, the Director of the FBI, and the Chairman of Intelligence Committee, all very high-ranking officials. Who’s going to stop this coup from happening and how are they going to accomplish such a feat? It all revolves around the serum.

Wade Tyson, whom we first met in
NEWS WITH CURVES will play a major role in this book along with his brothers, Monty, Drake, Ross and Dane. Wade will be challenged beyond his imagination, and his untapped powers will be released on an unsuspecting enemy. Without giving too much away, he will also be aided by the trees on his property, Uncle Moon and the black crows, and his deceased mother’s journals. I’m not going to even try to explain any of that or the 35 pregnant women and 75 children who are under the spell of Chambers. It will all make sense (as bizarre as it may sound) when you read the story.

Wade’s lady love, Rachel Fontaine, also from
NEWS WITH CURVES, is right by his side with support. If you know anything about the Iris Bolling Universe, then you know when there is a threat to the U.S government, the Lassiters are poised to stop that threat. In this story, we are treated to the intervention of TA (The Administration), headed by non-other than Sapphire Lassiter Palmer. This eight-member organization, sanctioned by the African American President, JD Harrison, is out-the-box, bad-a** protectors of the country. They join forces with the Tyson siblings, and what happens after that is a series of mind-blowing events, and strategic power plays that will keep you turning pages.

S.I.B.LINGS is a must read. There’s still room for you in the Universe. I highly recommend that you take that plunge. It’s one intriguing adventure after another with dynamic characters and strong, well-developed storylines that will draw you in from Chapter 1 to the Epilogue. Remember the order: NEWS WITH CURVES, S.I.B’s, S.I.B.LINGS.  While you are at it, may I also suggest THE AFTERMATH and BACKLASH, the Nate Reigns Novels. The connection is priceless!

4th November 2023 |