Review: Scion - The Pursuit

SCION: The Pursuit - D. Camille

SCION (Book #2)

DC MultiMedia


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Trey’s pursuit of the BluePrint, Dr. Camille’s plan to destroy his family, continues in this, Book #2 of SCION. Trey is working closely with his select team, Journey Long and Jared Carlyle, along with the Diamond family: The Black Diamonds, the Uncuts, and the Heirs. Together, they make a formidable team.

The romantic elements of the story are still at a slow-burning pace. Look forward to Chef Trinity (Trey’s sister) and Jared making a connection that everyone approves of but Trey. There’s one thing for certain, nobody likes Trinity’s previous suitor, Chef Canaan Wright. Remember him? If you don’t, just keep reading; you’ll find out why. Also, Truth, Trey’s other sister, has a little secret of her own to reveal to the family. I’ll allow you to discover what it is. As far as Trey and Journey’s relationship is concerned, a proverbial fly has appeared in the ointment. His name is Tristan Balmer, “A B-version of Trey”. I’ll just leave that right where it is.

The suspense element of the story is heightened when
A. Chef Canaan Wright (Trinity’s ex) shows up, B. The cards that have been used to threaten Trinity are traced back to a dancer (Shannon aka Seduction) at The Ace of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club, the same club where Journey is an undercover dancer, C. The Ace of Diamonds and its devious manager, Damon, are destroyed, and D. Who is Ecstasy, and why is she referred to as a witch? I could go on, but I want you to have the pleasure of discovering all of the eye-opening gems that make their way to the surface when you read the story. It is a story masterfully told!

The next saga in this series is
SCION-The Design (Book #3). Again, I look forward to its release! Again, I invite you to peruse the Diamond Universe. ALL of D Camille’s stories are entertaining, intriguing, and connected.  I can’t wait for the book discussion on this series. It’s going to be awesome

28th May 2024 |