Review:  Ryker's Last Salvation

Crowne Legacy (Book #8)

Independently Published


Cheryl McNeil (A)


REVIEW: USA Today best-selling author Sherelle Green continues to step her game up with each book of the gritty Crowne Legacy series. “Doc” is a medical professional and a fixer. She is a chameleon who goes by Ryker Crowne “Doc” or her code name of Remy, depending on the circumstances. I was excited to learn more about her origin story in RYKER’S LAST SALVATION. Her ultimate goal is opening various “Sinners’ Sanctum’s”, which provide medical help and refuge. She’s at a crossroads and trying to figure out the next phase of her life.

Shadiis “Shade” Kofi spent most of his childhood in London. He’s a trained marksman and earns Stan and Dutchess’ trust to become part of Ryker’s crew. From the moment he met her eight years ago he promised to be whatever she needs, and like a hand in a glove, they fit. They shared pivotal moments, while staying alive on missions and being together in clandestine ways. They often communicated without words. I was surprised by how sincere and passionate Shade was when he expressed himself. He unlocked something inside of Ryker that she wasn’t prepared for. They share a deep love, even though neither has said the word out loud.

New, unexpected information makes Ryker feel she can’t be with Shade. She needs to follow her friend’s advice: “…when it comes to love there are no rules… follow your heart.” Hopefully, it’s not too late. Ms. Green places a strong emphasis on “home” with the chapter titles. It’s not a location, but what’s in the heart. This is a contrast to how Ryker moves in the world, but she cherishes “home” as evidenced by one of her locations being close to Jade and Nash’s hotel and how she checks on her family without them knowing.

It’s always good to get updates on the other Crownes. Throughout the series, Ms. Green masterfully crafts individual stories while providing key pieces to the Crowne puzzle. This is more than a second chance love story and includes the element of surprise. To say I was shocked by the turn of events is an understatement! It was a wide ride. Ultimately, Ms. Green provides closure for the heroine and hero, but leaves cookie crumbs for the next book, without leaving readers hanging. I can’t wait for the final two books in the series. I highly recommend
RYKER’S LAST SALVATION and the Crowne Legacy Series.

14th August 2023 |