Review: Ruined Vows

RUINED VOWS - Sherelle Green

Maverick Dynasty (Book #1)

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Reviewer:  Cheryl McNeil |  Rating: A


REVIEW: RUINED VOWS is the first book in USA Today bestselling author Sherelle Green’s Maverick Dynasty Series. Honey Crowne Maverick was groomed to marry someone affiliated with the Dark Trinity organization. However, there is more to Honey than meets the eye. She owns a trader analyst business called HoneyWise and is well-versed in the stock market. Pope Maverick is taking over the family’s Dark Trinity role, as well as, running Maverick enterprises with his brothers.

CROWNED MADDENS, it was implied that Honey and Pope had a past. I was surprised that it took them so long to address the “elephant in the room”. Pope’s feelings for Honey are revived the moment they are married, as evidenced by their explosive kiss. As I read on, the kiss is much more significant. Their physical connection is strong, but Pope can’t articulate his feelings. Honey doesn’t want to be attracted to Pope, but her body can’t deny it. Whether he is working the room at an elegant gala or handling underground business, he has swag. It seems inevitable that they would end up together. Being with Honey opens Pope’s heart up to new possibilities and getting over the past.

Due to potential danger, Honey and Pope found themselves in closer proximity to each other, and the family. They must address their dislike for each other head on. As the story moves along there is still the open issue that was discovered in
CROWNED MADDENS and them being warned about each other. As soon as Honey and Pope get closer, strategy strikes in multiple areas. I wondered if “forever” would be out of reach.

Like the Crowne series, the gritty story related to the Dark Trinity and the Maverick’s runs parallel with Honey and Pope’s passion-filled journey. Just when I thought I knew where the story was going, Ms. Green dropped a bomb of deceit and betrayal that I wasn’t expecting. During a time of crisis, the male characters that Ms. Green has written express themselves with raw, vulnerable emotion. We feel what these characters are going through. Prayer has a strong presence, and it is fitting that a special figure encourages Pope to pray from his heart. Amid the ruthlessness of the Maverick’s activities, there are heartwarming family moments with Pope, his father and especially his grandfather, who shared important experiences about his life. Grandpa William is before his time. The strong supporting cast also includes the Crownes.

RUINED VOWS is intriguing, and there are open questions. However, the Maverick’s Dynasty Series starts out with a bang, and I highly recommend it.

15th April 2024 |