Review: Rivals at Love Creek
RIVALS AT LOVE CREEK - Michelle Lindo-Rice
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Book #1)
Harlequin Special Edition
Jennifer Copeland (A)
REVIEW: RIVALS AT LOVE CREEK by Michelle Lindo-Rice is wonderful and good book. This is my first time reading a book by this author. This is the 1st book in her new series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Mrs. Rice didn’t disappoint me at all with this book. I couldn’t put my kindle down until I was done reading it. From the very beginning of the book started out with some drama.

RIVALS AT LOVE CREEK tells the love story of Shanna Jacobs and Lynx Harrington. Shanna is the principal at River’s Edge High School and Lynx is the principal at Love Creek High School. The pair shares a history together. The book starts off with a scandal that has made the national news at Shanna’s school. This scandal has the potential to ruin her chances of being in the run for superintendent of the school system as well as her job as the principal. Lynx is also in the running for the same position. When the superintendent of the school system calls a meeting, Shanna must decide if she will work as assistant under Lynx as he will be principal of both high schools until the investigation is over with. Lynx offers to help Shanna and invites her to join him on his two weeks’ vacation. What will Shanna do in both situations? Will Shanna and Lynx become a couple? Will the pair get their happy ever after? You will have read RIVALS AT LOVE CREEK to find out!

What I loved about this book was the storyline and how Mrs. Rice weaved in a topic that was on the news a few years ago. The way that she began this book had me hooked from the beginning until the ending. I loved both Shanna and Lynx because of their circumstances. I could relate to Shanna so well and she had my heart. The love scenes were sweet and romantic. I love the setting of the small town and the feelings I got from reading this book. Hawk, Lynx’s brother, had me laughing.

Overall, I enjoyed reading
RIVALS AT LOVE CREEK by Michelle Lindo-Rice. It is a feel-good romance book. I can’t wait to see where Mrs. Rice takes this to series next. I’m hoping that Hawk will get a book. I will definitely be reading more books by this author. Make sure to grab your copy of RIVALS AT LOVE CREEK.

22nd July 2022 |