Review: Return To Hummingbird Way
Holly Grove Island (Book #2)
HQN Books
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: It’s never too late to carve out your own path”. That’s the predominant theme of this heartwarming story by talented storyteller, Reese Ryan. In this engaging story we meet Sinclair ‘Sin’ Buchanan, one of Holly Grove Island’s top real estate agents, and Garrett ‘Rett’ Davenport, a Holly Grove native who lives in Charlotte, and works as the top producer for his real estate brokerage. Garrett is back in town to help with the wedding festivities of his best friend, Dex and his bride-to-be, Dakota. You met them both in their story, SECOND CHANCE ON CYPRESS LANE. Rett teaming up with Sin is not going to be easy, because Sin has a “hate crush” for Rett. The talented wordsmith, Ms Ryan, describes it this way: “She’d been kinder to the plumber who’d fixed her clogged drain than she had to the man who could run a clinic on how to lay pipe.”  Eventually their “frenemy” status morphs into a relationship that everyone saw coming, but them. One of my favorite scenes occurs when Sin comes face-to-face with her ex, who married Sin’s best friend within a year of their break-up. Sin is speechless and totally caught off-guard. Rett rescues her from that awkward moment stepping in like a modern-day Prince Charming. Great scene!

While working closely together to ensure that their best friends’ wedding events are successful, Sin and Rett experience some life-changing moments, and  revelations that not only help them to move forward in their business life, but in their love life. With the help of family and friends, especially one astute and sharp-witted grandmother, Annamae (Mama Mae) Davenport, Sin and Rett are able to resolve family issues that negatively affected them; for Rett, since he was a teenager, and for Sin, all of her adult life. Sin and Rett leave no stone unturned on their way to their HFN. I loved how everything came together.

I enjoyed this engaging story of two people finding their way and finding love while juggling a career and family drama. I recommend
RETURN TO HUMMINGBIRD WAY for your reading pleasure.

17th April 2023 |