Review: Out of Office

OUT OF THE OFFICE - A.H. Cunningham

Harlequin Afterglow


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: Genevieve Raymond is an overachiever. For the last several months she has been working to open a new hotel chain in Panama.  Deciding that a break is needed, Genevieve takes a two-week vacation. She has been attracted to Adrian Nicolas, her driver for four months. When Adrian asks Genevieve to spend those two weeks at his family hostel she accepts. While traveling to Adrian’s hometown Genevieve realizes that Adrian is also attracted to her. For the next two weeks, they get to know each other better. As it turns out, they have to stay together at Adrian’s home due to his family’s hostel being booked solid. Genevieve enjoys the beaches of Colon and she wakes up with Adrian each morning as their relationship grows stronger. Soon Genevieve has to return to work. She and Adrian keep in touch but realize it’s not enough. They love each other. So Adrian decides to leave his home and move to Florida so they can be together.

Genevieve is a workaholic due to the constant drilling from her mother to be a success at all costs. She loves her mother and has always done what she wanted. But lately, Genevieve has been feeling that she’s missing something. That life has more to offer than just work. Adrian was once an overachiever but after a family tragedy, he decided to refocus and have a healthy work-life balance. Working to the exclusion of everything else no longer appeals to him.

OUT OF OFFICE is cute, passionate, read with a little black history included which makes a very interesting story. This author has written an off-the-chart lust-at-first-sight narrative that quickly turns into a love worth fighting for. Her writing is very credible and descriptive, especially with the characters and the tropical setting of Colon Island. The main characters, Genevieve and Adrian are so real and relatable. There’s very little drama between them because they are honest with each other from the beginning of their island affair. Living on different continents would make it difficult to maintain a relationship. But they work together to find a solution. Because their love is strong and being without each other is not an option. Great writing!

OUT OF OFFICE is a lovely vacation romance that blossomed into love. It also shows the sacrifices one will make to be together even if continents stand between them. I recommend this book as a good summer read.

26th May 2024 |