Review:  One Summer of Love

Valentine Vineyards (Book #2)

Harlequin Desire


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: What a treat! Romance fans are buzzing about the two stories in one book that highlight two scions of the Valentine family. ONE SUMMER OF LOVE features Nolan Valentine, a bit of a STEM nerd and the CFO of Valentine Vineyards. The second story, SNOWBOUND SECOND CHANCE, features Nolan’s brother Sebastian Valentine, CEO OF Valentine Textiles. So, there you have it! Two brothers’ stories for the price of one.

As the CFO of the newly formed Valentine Vineyards, nothing happens without Nolan signing off on it. With the very persuasive suggestion of Savannah Carlisle Abbott (
SAVANNAH’S SECRETS), the sister of the brilliant scientist and heroine of this story, Delaney Carlisle, and with the recommendation of the Valentine siblings and their father, Nolan is strongly urged to hire Delaney as an Enologist to oversee the production of wine-making process for the company. It’s a step-up for the company, and a huge responsibility that Delaney is more than capable of handling. Reluctantly, Nolan agrees to the hire Delaney temporarily for the summer. Delaney comes to our story with a daughter, 8-year-old Harper, from a previous relationship that did not work out. When Delaney and Nolan meet, the chemistry between them is off-the-chart, and there is an instant attraction. There’s a problem because Nolan is divorced from a woman who had children, and it has taken him a while to rebound from that relationship. Now, here he is again.

You are going to enjoy this workplace romance. Professional boundaries are forgotten and torn down when Nolan and Delaney come together. Added to their “let’s keep it between us” agreement is the fact that Harper’s father is back and wants to get to know his daughter and reunite with Delaney. What’s a girl to do! You will find out, dear readers, when you read this entertaining and engrossing story.

I love Harper’s role (Delaney’s daughter) in this story. She is a precocious 8-year-old and instantly garners Nolan’s heart. The scene with Harper and the turtle bullies is delightful! The Valentines and Abbotts play significant roles from by-standers to advisors. Speaking of advisors, Nolan’s youngest sister, Naya never fails to express her opinion and her observations whether Nolan wants them or not. I can’t wait for her story. The HFN for our couple is sealed at a family cook-out where they decide to go public with their relationship. All the family is present, including Sebastian.

ONE SUMMER OF LOVE is a wonderful story that is a testament to following your heart, and I recommend it. If you are not familiar with the Abbotts and the Valentines’ stories, then I highly recommend them. You can thank me later.

26th August 2023 |