Review: One Night Stand

ONE NIGHT STAND - Keith Thomas Walker



Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Meet Lola and Von, two very intriguing characters from Keith Thomas Walker’s latest book. Lola is a law clerk at the County Courthouse and Von, well Von introduces himself as a “diamond broker” who is considering retiring at the age of thirty-eight, Of course, the familiar backdrop of this story is Overbrook Meadows, Texas. WYKYK. There is nothing that stands out or grabs your attention when these two meet, in a bank while they are in line. Lola agrees to let Von take her out for a nice dinner at a downtown steakhouse-good company and a great meal. Lola and Von connect, and they both decide to “spend more time together” in Von’s hotel room. Lola was pleasantly surprised when Von invited her to breakfast and a day of hanging out after their night together.

While our couple chatted over breakfast, Lola discovered that Von’s attention was drawn to something or someone over her shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Von has to leave quick, fast and in a hurry. What happened you might ask? Well, that dear friends mark the start of “the longest second date ever”. This brother, Von, is quite the character. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but believe me, he’s no ordinary “diamond broker”, and Lola is way over her head, but proves to be a valuable asset to Von. The titles of the chapters introduce hints at the action to come. Some chapters are highlighted by the author’s original poetry which provides us with the perfect segue-way from one adventure to another. Lola is the Bonnie to Von’s Clyde.

Some of the most nefarious characters you never want to meet are in this story. Rat, that should tell you something right there, Katrina and Saul all become Von’s nemesis. Ironically, they were once a team.

The Epilogue houses one of the best and most “woosah” endings to a story I’ve read in a long time! It is also in the Epilogue that Von does something for his trusty sidekick, Lola, that is one of the kindest and most generous deeds that you can imagine. No spoilers, you must read the story.

Keith Thomas Walker never fails to provide a fresh viewpoint in his storytelling that you don’t expect. I love his stories, his poetry and his characters who inhabit Overbrook Meadows. They all combine to give you an adventure through the printed word that you won’t forget. I highly recommend
ONE NIGHT STAND. You can thank me later.

28th May 2024 |