Review: Not By Blood
NOT BY BLOOD - Altonya Washington

(Volume #2)

Independantly Published


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Surprise! Surprise! AlTonya Washington surprised her followers and dropped Volume 2 of the NOT BY BLOOD saga early. This Romantic Suspense is so hot that it couldn’t wait until next month’s proposed drop date.

If you recall, we met Noah Volley and his wealthy family who are family in name only. His siblings, Mikah and Jarius reject everything associated with their birth parents, Lakia and Kendall. Noah is the one who is hanging in there trying to hold on to the Volley business and some sense of dignity associated with the Volley name although his parents could care less about his attempts at doing so. Noah is also privy to a family secret that he cannot bring himself to tell his brothers.

Noah and Yasmyne are still a couple, romantically. In spite of Yaz’s objections, the attraction they feel for each other is not going away. The “L” word is slowly piercing any barriers that Yas has tried to place between her and Noah. They are still planning a party for Jarius, who is a successful gamer. There are three important developments that occur in this book that will be revealed. One of them will have the detectives, Grayson and Hayden, assigned to the case of the murder of Yaz’s partner and friend, Candace, scratching their heads. It involves Morris Benton, Kendall Volley’s lackey. The second development is the new family dynamic facing the Murrays and the Volleys. This is major. Micah and Jarius, Noah’s brothers, do not have a clue, but Yasmine’s brothers, Quintus and Landon, are well aware of the dilemma. They are not happy at all with the whole difficult situation. Yes, their reasons are valid.  Last, but not least, is the blackmailing ex of Noah’s (Sasha) showing up at his door at definitely the wrong time. I can’t wait to see how he’s going to handle that situation. That’s all the tea that I will share with you at this point. I’ll allow you to discover the other characters and scenarios that are involved in making this an engrossing and captivating story.

I’m loving this story.  AlTonya Washington is such a talented storyteller. You will find yourself asking “What next?” I recommend
NOT BY BLOOD- Volume 2 for your reading pleasure. Start with Volume 1, please. You can thank me later.

21 March 2024 |