Review: Not By Blood

NOT BY BLOOD - Altonya Washington

Altonya Washington


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: A few weeks ago, the prolific author, AlTonya Washington informed her reading public of a new series in the making. Most of us know Ms. Washington from her best-known and long-running Ramsey/Tesano romantic suspense series. Well, 2024 marks the debut of the uber rich and scandalous Volley family of Manchester, New Hampshire. This story introduces us to Noah Volley, who heads the Volley Group, the flagship of the family’s wealth, along with his father, Kendall Volley. Along with Noah, we also meet Yasmine Murray, the owner of Yaz Plans, an event planning business, and Noah’s love interest.

Yaz is recruited to plan a party for Noah’s baby brother who is a successful gaming designer, much to the chagrin of the parents, Kendall and Lakia. You will discover that the Volley family has its share of self-inflicted problems. Lakia Volley, the matriarch, is very much involved in the family intrigue. Yaz unknowingly steps into the middle of the Volley drama while planning the party and, consequently, her best friend is killed. Suspense abounds, and so do unanswered questions. In the meantime, Noah and Yaz become entangled in a romantic relationship while mayhem, murder, and blackmail take over the storyline. A single photo becomes a clue to an investigation that could devastate the family. That’s all the tea you get. The stakes are high on both the romance and suspense fronts. Kudos to Ms. Washington for the perfect pacing, plotting, red herrings, and romantic elements that all combine to make this an excellent read.

I love the Volley family with all their idiosyncrasies. They serve as side characters who contribute to the gripping storyline. Noah and Yaz are perfect for each other. Their romance is a driving force in the story. There are many unanswered questions at the end of this book, but don’t worry, Ms. Washington promises that answers will come in Book #2 planned for this spring. I can’t wait!

NOT BY BLOOD is an entertaining and engrossing story that is a page turner. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

1st February 2024 |