Review: No Reservations

A Novel of Friendship

Harper Muse


Reviewer: Brenda Larnell | Rating: A++


REVIEW:  The R.I.C. Universe welcomes the new year with a blockbuster women’s fiction story that is “un-put-downable”! Multi-award-winning author, Sheryl Lister, gets us started with an engrossing story that chronicles true friendship between three women and one beautiful spirit who learn to live life with “no reservations”. The prologue ushers us into the story with a very emotional and poignant scene that is set in a hospital room. The four devoted friends, Yvette, Joy, Diane, and Rochelle are together. However, only three of the friends will walk out of that room, leaving one to rest in eternal life.

The story is brilliantly told from the point of view of each of the remaining friends with the chapters named after them. Ms. Lister masterfully exposes, unravels, and resolves all of the issues, stumbling blocks, dreams, and plans of these three amazing women who are left to navigate the world without the 4th member of their group. In spite of not physically being with them, Yvette’s spirit is guiding them and inspiring them to “go for it”. Her last gift to them is an all-expenses paid trip to Jamaica. I love those chapters that highlight that trip.

Joy and her husband’s (Robert) marriage is at a crossroads when the dream she has for starting her own business is constantly being placed on the back burner. Diane’s greatest wish in life is to become a mother. She has to wrap her mind around the fact that it may not physically happen, but she’s open to other means of achieving her goal of motherhood. She’s open, but having her husband, Jeffrey, on board with it is a major stumbling block.  Rochelle is a single mother who is at the point in her life of considering giving her heart to one who will protect it this time around. Joy, Diane, and Rochelle find themselves at a point in their lives where their goals and hopes are on the line. The question is will they capitulate or live out their lives with no reservations.

The side characters are composed of spouses, family members and friends who contribute to the intrigue of the story and the development of the main characters. My favorite is Yvette, who is a guiding star for our three main characters. You’ll understand when you read this engrossing story.

NO RESERVATIONS is a masterpiece of women’s fiction that will surely start your 2024 reading journey off to a fantastic start. I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure. I also recommend it for the Romance in Color Award of Excellence!

9th January 2024 |