Review: Mr. Tall, Dark & Unavailable

Baes of Juneteenth

Independently Published


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: Nia and Caspian Yearwood have been married for three years. In the beginning, their marriage was all it should be. But lately, Caspian has been spending more time at work and less at home. Nia is always ready to support her husband, but he is never there to support her. Nia’s art is just as important to her as Caspian's work is to him. Yet he continues to disappoint Nia. Caspian adores his wife, and she loves him. But Caspian allows outside influence from his father to create a distance between him and Nia. The final straw comes when Caspian fails to attend an art lesson Nia gives seven-grade students at a festival. Nia is so upset that she doesn’t go home. She stays with a friend overnight and then checked into a hotel. Nia has decided to end her marriage and remove her wedding ring. Caspian pleads with her to give him another chance to make things right.

Nia is an artist who makes beautiful pottery. She is also a wife frustrated with how her marriage is shaping up. Nia didn’t get married to be lonely. But that seems to be the situation lately. And she has reached the end of her patience with her husband. Caspian is a successful businessman with many accomplishments, including being named the new Mr. Black for Charlotte, North Carolina—an organization that honors black love, culture, and history. He has also put another strain on his floundering marriage.

MR. TALL, DARK AND UNAVAILABLE is a well-written story of a couple trying to balance work and home. Kudos to the author for highlighting a couple's struggle when the balance of home and work is uneven. Nia’s frustration and disappointment in Caspian are tangible. The characters are likable and complex yet relevant. Ms. Martin weaves a story surrounding the Juneteenth celebration but keeps the focus on the two main characters, Caspian and Nia. Their marriage is in trouble, and it will take both of them working together to save it.

I recommend
TALL, DARK AND UNAVAILABLE because it was an excellent read and the spotlight in this narrative was on love and marriage.

23 June 2023 |