Review: Mr. Take Me As I Am
MR. TAKE ME AS I AM - Iris Bolling

Baes of Juneteenth

Siri Austin Entertainment


Brenda Larnell (A)

REVIEW:  USA Today best-selling author, Iris Bolling, lends her writing skills to this series with ten other awesome authors that promotes the latest Federal holiday, Juneteenth. If you are familiar with Iris Bolling’s writing style, you know that her stories are layered with suspense, mayhem, love, complex characters, and a murder or two. Well, I can safely say that MR. TAKE ME AS I AM has all of that, except the murder part. The story is set in the author’s hometown of Richmond, VA, the home of the Confederacy. Keep that point in mind as you read.

Meet Cameo Rawlings, the CEO of a multi-million software company started by his longtime friend LT Palmer, (
PHIRE) the Mayor of Richmond. Both Cameo and LT grew up in public housing, along with Ebony Sullivan, LT’s assistant, and Raymond “Mint” Mintus, the muscle of the group. Names sound familiar? They should if you are a follower of this storyteller extraordinaire. If not, then you are really missing out. Cameo meets his match when Ebony sets him up on a blind date with one of the city’s event planners, Syndia “Syn” James. Instant chemistry! Their initial conversation about the difference between sexual and sensual is one hot scene! It gets even hotter when they take their “meeting” to another level, literally and figuratively to the corporate penthouse suite. You can read all about it when you read their story. Wait until you read what happens when the couple finally leaves the penthouse. It’s a wild scene that caused the connection between Syn and Cameo to snap! No spoilers!

The timeline moves to one month later and Cameo has been selected as Mr. Black of Richmond. The scene in which the person nominates him is another great scene! Friends of Cameo encourage him to reconnect with Syn, and the plans to get her back also coincide with planning for Richmond’s Juneteenth celebration. However, there is much conniving, backstabbing, office politics, and history that heightens the suspense around the Juneteenth Celebration and its connection to the future home of the Presidential Library of President Jeffrey “JD” Harrison, (
The Heart Series) the Black President of the U.S. who is also from Richmond. Another masterful scene takes place when the plan comes together! I love a story with a bad guy, and Dillon Moore is that guy in this book. He is completely deranged, and I love it! I also like a story with a banging playlist of music, and this story has one. Check it out. “The Point of it All” summarizes the HEA for Cameo and Syn. You’ll get that when you read the story.

I recommend
MR. TAKE ME AS I AM for your reading pleasure. It’s a superb complement to this brilliant series centered around the Juneteenth holiday. You can thank me later!

14 June 2023 |