Review: Mr. Straight Up No Chaser

Baes of Juneteenth

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Cheryl McNeil (A)


REVIEW: USA today best-selling author Sherelle Green has teamed up with several authors for the Baes of Juneteenth Series. The title, MR. STRAIGHT NO CHASER, is fitting for this story. Porter Crowne was groomed to be an integral part of the family business. As the oldest son of Pharaoh Crowne, it was expected of him. Five years ago, Porter is at a crossroads and knows “the life” is no longer for him. He opens the Rooted Collective, a community center and multi-purpose venue. Porter represents the Crowne family as “Mr. Black Chicago” and his major task is to organize the Juneteenth celebration. He is having trouble respecting the varying viewpoints of some of the seasoned members on the committee. His straight to the point demeanor isn’t helping much.

In comes Alanna Raven, a body positive blogger and influencer. She has recently relocated back to Chicago and Porter kicks her off the planning committee because she is too distracting; however, a fellow committee member asks for her help. Porter loves her jasmine and rose scent and the energy changes when she is around. He refers to her as ‘half librarian’, ‘half sexy vixen’. He’s had a soft spot for her since they attended high school. However, Pharaoh and her father didn’t get along, so she was off limits. Alanna has a unique request that catches Porter off guard, but he can’t deny her if he tries. Porter’s aura and swag are just her type, and he is the perfect person to prepare her for her fellowship with Black Lush, yes, that Black Lush. Porter doesn’t waste time honoring Alanna’s request (again the title is very fitting). Let’s just say a lot of sexy play can be done in a vehicle.

Though Porter and Alanna have spent many years apart, he has kept up with her more than she realizes. The conflict is short-lived as Porter lets Pharaoh know that he is living his life on his own terms and that leads to a touching father-son moment. There are many sexy elements throughout the book. Porter is straight to the point and knows what he wants. Alanna and Porter’s friends are either already coupled up or in denial. For those who are interested in extra spice, there is a bonus “quickie” called
JUICED UP ON YOU that focuses on the couple’s participation in a sexy competition.

I enjoyed how Ms. Green’s incorporated history of Juneteenth. It was also interesting to learn about Stan and great-grandfather’s, Freeman Crowne’s positive influence, in Porter’s life and how he shaped him to be a leader who invests in his community.
MR. STRAIGHT NO CHASER is a great start to the Baes of Juneteenth Series, and I highly recommend it.

25th June 2023 |