Review: Mr. Right Now
MR. RIGHT NOW - Sheryl Lister

Baes of Juneteenth

Harlequin Romantic Suspense


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REVIEW: This is such a special honor to write reviews from the Baes of Juneteenth Series written by some of the best authors who write Contemporary Romance. The second release of this series comes from talented writer, Sheryl Lister. MR. RIGHT NOW features Dante Powell, Mr. Black Los Angeles and Tech CEO, and Jayana Cole, a counselor employed at the community and youth center that Dante runs. Before I get into the review, there is a theme that runs through this series that promotes the ideals behind the Juneteenth movement. Eleven authors have collaborated to spread the word about what Juneteenth is all about through their writings. The common theme running through each book celebrates “Black Culture, Black Love, and Black History’.

Now, about the story. Dante experiences a sexy and super satisfying one and done, right now only encounter with Jayana while they are on a flight layover. Yet, when they depart, Dante can’t seem to forget the “one and done” encounter with the sexy Jayana. So much so, that his sister, his best friend, and his mother notice that something has him distracted. Deny, deny, deny is Dante’s response to their concern. Guess who shows up as the newly hired counselor for the Impressions 2 Community Center that Dante opened as an effort to give back to the community? You got it! Jayana Cole who is just as surprised to see Dante as he is to see her. I love the way the story develops from the point where they meet again. While dealing with some serious personal issues, running a tech company and the community center, Dante never loses sight of his vision of a Juneteenth Celebration that honors the heritage. Jayana is all in as she contributes to the planning of the events. What a celebration it is! I’ll leave it up to you to read all about it.

The supporting cast of characters composed of Jayana and Dante’s family and friends help to drive the story forward.  If you are a follower of Ms Lister’s works, (and if you aren’t, you are missing out big time) you will recognize some characters from other stories who take on minor roles in this one like Zena Fuller, and Bryce Montgomery, just to name a couple. A big
Boo-Hiss goes to Danyelle. You’ll get that when you read the story.

This story is so impressive. In between green lighting the romance between the main characters, Ms Lister keeps her sights on the importance of telling the story of the newly established Federal Holiday, Juneteenth, and genuinely promoting the celebration. I love what she does with the acronym for Black. I’ll allow you to discover that when you read the story! The HEA for our couple is delightful.

MR. RIGHT NOW is an engaging and “edu-taining” story that will pull you in from the opening pages of The Untold Legacies: Mr. Black Organization to the Epilogue. I recommend MR. RIGHT NOW for your reading pleasure.

8th June 2023 |