Review: Mr. Play For Keeps
MR. PLAY FOR KEEPS - Kimmie Ferrell

Baes of Juneteenth

KF Books


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: Stephanie Arrington and Nathaniel Reed had been friends for a while. Then one night, they crossed the line from friends to lovers. Nathaniel wants their relationship to be ‘permanent’, but just mentioning the word has Stephanie running in the opposite direction. She is afraid of being hurt again. Nathaniel is patient and shows Stephanie in so many ways how much he loves her and would do anything for her. But it isn’t until she almost dies that she is forced to admit that Nathaniel is the one for her, her knight in shining armor. Although Stephanie is afraid to put her heart on the line again, she takes the leap of faith and embraces the relationship and the man who has always been there.

Stephanie is
the owner of a holistic skincare company that keeps her booked and busy. It’s a dream she has always had. And with the help of her now-deceased grandmother, it has been realized. Nathaniel is the director of a youth leadership development program and the Washington, D.C., Mr. Black Organization representative. Sometimes he feels overwhelmed with all his responsibilities, but he is known for getting things done.

MR. PLAY FOR KEEPS is a friends-to-lovers romance. The characters were descriptive and relatable, and the pacing was excellent. The secondary characters were mentioned, but Nathaniel and Stephanie were center stage in this story. The author did her job well! Their chemistry is off the charts. The opening scene gives you a clue about how things will be. Nathaniel’s and Stephanie’s relationship is so hot and explosive you can almost feel the heat. Nathaniel is an intelligent and successful alpha male who knows what he wants. He and Stephanie were meant for each. It just took Stephanie a little longer to realize it. Great read!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading
MR. PLAY FOR KEEPS. This page-turner was funny and sexy; I couldn’t put it down. I recommend Nathaniel and Stephanie’s story for your reading pleasure. You won’t be disappointed.

20 June 2023 |