Review: Mr. One and Only
MR. ONE AND ONLY - Sharon C. Cooper

Baes of Juneteenth

Amaris Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia, where author Sharon C. Cooper resides, and where this story takes place. Our Mr. Black Atlanta is Noah Chambers, entrepreneur and owner of G-Spark Engineering. Noah, in his role as Mr. Black, is responsible for planning the Juneteenth event for the city. He needs help in planning the annual Juneteenth Gala and Silent Auction charity event. So, he enlists the help of Genesis Savell, an executive assistant at his firm, and the woman he is currently dating. Genesis is slightly uncomfortable with their relationship because one, Noah is her boss. Two, he is nine years older than Genesis. So, we have the older man-younger woman scenario. And three, Genesis has a self-esteem issue that stems from her past. More about that later.

I like this couple, because they love each other in spite of Genesis’ misgivings. However, the love, respect, attention and mutual feelings they share is not enough for Genesis to say, “Yes” when Noah pops the question. There is something that Genesis needs to resolve for herself, but she is blocked from doing that because of the man who has come back into her life, unwanted, and causing her a lot of stress and unease. Genesis was brought up in the foster care system, along with her bestie, Samantha Lewis, and her nemesis, Ronnie Peterson. Ronnie is holding something over Genesis’ head that happened when they were younger. He is also after something from Genesis, the real reason for his appearing back in her life.  Genesis becomes so distracted that Noah notices. No spoilers. You will have to read the story to discover what is going on there. However, the intense scene in the parking garage when Noah confronts Ronnie will let you know that Noah does not play, and he is a protector of those he loves.

Speaking of protectors, this story has an extra treat for the readers who follow Ms Cooper. If you know like I know, Atlanta is the city where Supreme Security is located that employs Atlanta’s Finest. That includes Noah’s brother, Ashton Chambers (
TEMPTED) and the one and only Lazarus “Laz” Dimas (INDEBTED and COMMITTED). Yes, friends, they get involved in investigating that creep, Ronnie. All I can say is Ronnie should have walked away because…, but I’ll let you fill that in after you read the story. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and Genesis, after another Ronnie confrontation, and after she has a “Come-to-Jesus” moment with Noah, is able to put the final touches on the Juneteenth celebration. Noah’s closing remarks at the end of the successful Juneteenth events are so heartwarming and correspond to the real purpose of this new Federal holiday. The HEA for our couple is perfect!

I enjoyed reading
MR. ONE AND ONLY, and I’m sure you will also. I recommend it for your reading pleasure. It’s another great addition to the Baes of Juneteenth Series.

15 June 2023 |