Review: Mr. On Your Knees
MR. ON YOUR KNEES - A. C. Arthur

Baes of Juneteenth

Artistry Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Brilliant storyteller, A.C. Arthur, lends her talent to the Baes of Juneteenth Series with an entertaining second chance at love story that features Jared Desdune and Desirae “Desi” Kane. Jared is Mr. Black Miami. We learn that the Mr. Black Organization is nationwide, and its purpose is “to be a light of hope in Black communities”. As part of his duty as Mr. Black, Jared is in charge of planning the Juneteenth celebration in Miami. He is presently holding down his dream job as hotel manager of a five-star Carrington Resort. (Side note: If the names Desdune and Carrington ring a bell, then you might remember Ms Arthur’s Carrington Chronicles Series and the Desdune name from the Donovan Family and Friends Series.) Desi is an event planner who gets the job to bring Jared’s vision of a celebration that will “symbolize every step of the Black experience in this nation” to fruition. Jared is in his second year as Mr. Black Miami, and he wants this celebration to be bigger and better than his first one. But here’s the thing. Jared and Desi have history. It’s been three years since they broke up after Jared broke Desi’s trust. I’ll allow you to discover the details of what caused their break-up. However, I will throw this out for those of you who follow Ms. Arthur’s stories…The Corporation. If you know, you know!

After Desi and Jared’s reconnect, one thing is certain. Even after three years of separation, the chemistry between them tops the scale at 100%. However, our couple has a lot of back issues to work through before they can come to a resolution. It’s heavy and goes back to their families’ dynamic when they were growing up. Working closely together on the Juneteenth events, a masquerade ball and art exhibit, causes Jared and Desi to revisit those old hurts that caused them to separate, address them, and allow them to heal instead of fester. I love the passion-filled first kiss scene at the art gallery where Jared and Desi take that first step. Each encounter brings them closer together. You’re going to need a cool drink plus a fan when you get to the cigar bar “encounter”. Their love-making teeters on the fringes of a lifestyle that connects to the title of the book. You’ll get that when you read the story.

The character connections in this story are exceptional! Slayton “Slay” Turner (
A MERRY INVITATION: The Corporation) makes an appearance, and challenges Jared to “get his woman back”. There is also a visit from Karena Lakefied Desdune (SUMMER HEAT). To top it off, there is an excerpt from the first book in The Corporation Series, A MERRY INVITATION at the end of the story.

Jared and Desi’s HFN is heartwarming. You are going to enjoy reading
MR. ON YOUR KNEES, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. It’s a great way to celebrate Juneteenth through reading!

15 June 2023 |