Review: Mr. Down For Whatever

Baes of Juneteenth

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Cheryl McNeil (A)


REVIEW: When I read the synopsis for MR. DOWN FOR WHATEVER, I was eager to find out how someone sent the “wrong” text to the “right” person. Daphne Childs is the Facilities Director at a medical center and loves her job. She has a big heart and, unfortunately, her foster brother, Neo, stole everything from her, even her cat! Daphne had every right to send angry messages. The problem is she sent them to Nero, Dr. Nero Bond, that is. That was the worse time to get a contact confused. Dr. Nero Bond practices at Henry Ford Medical center and is the current Mr. Black Detroit. The father of two is divorced. His marriage can be summed up by a quote from a book: “A person can make things worse by trying to do the right thing”. Nero worked with Daphne on the DEI committee but didn’t know her very well. Once he received the messages, he couldn’t help himself and sent a playful response.

Daphne makes Nero rethink all of his rules, especially not dating someone from where he works. He notices how beautiful she is, despite her being totally mortified. He asks her out before he realizes what he is doing. Daphne and Nero connect physically really fast, and once they start, they can’’t stop. Things move quickly but it is still organic. This sexy couple is so “in” to each other. They have had similarities in their past failed relationships and Daphne is especially hesitant to go public and commit. She tries to be cautious but at some point, caution is thrown to the wind.

Nero’s grandfather is one of the founders of secret organization that became “Mr. Black” and instills so much positivity into his life. I enjoyed the sentimental moment between them and the barbershop crew. We find out that Daphne’s father also had a connection to the organization.  Similar to other books in the
Baes of Juneteenth Series, Mr. Black is focused on making a positive impact on the community. I liked how the Juneteenth event was combined with a health fair.

The title of the book is fitting and mentioned in pivotal parts of the story: when we learn Nero’s history as Mr. Black Detroit, before Daphne and Nero’s first date and when they seal the deal! There is a special gift, Nero gives Daphne that shows how caring and sweet he is. It took me a few chapters to realize the chapter titles are old school songs! I enjoyed everything about
MR. DOWN FOR WHATEVER, and highly recommend it.

11th July 2023 |