Review: Mr. Big Stuff

Baes of Juneteenth

She Loves Words Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW:  This Baes of Juneteenth story takes us to Pittsburgh, PA., the hometown of our author, Aja, and Mr. Black, Raymond McCullough, the owner of McCullough Business Solutions. When the story opens, Raymond is firing yet another assistant who failed to abide by the office boundaries that he established. He needs their business expertise that he hired them for; not a personal relationship that they wanted. He is struggling. Raymond needs a capable assistant to help him map out his vision for the best Juneteenth event that the city has ever seen. He needs a plan and sponsors to help carry out that plan, and so far, he has nothing…but the ideas. Since he is approaching the end of his reign as Mr. Black, Raymond wanted to go out with something special, “Black excellence wrapped in comfort”, and he needs a Big draw and Big money to do it. He also needs an assistant in a Big way. Enter Tracey Copeland, who is in need of a job, Big time, after she quits her previous position with tech multimillionaire, Khalil Berry (SHE’S GOT SOUL), who also makes an appearance with his wife, Zola. Lucky for Tracey, she lands the assistant position with Raymond’s company.

I love Tracey and Raymond’s story. Aja is a writer of very sensual and sexy love stories.
MR. BIG STUFF is no exception. I loved the down-to-earth banter between Raymond and Tracey. Aja also has a knack for bringing that out in the special love language her main characters use. Raymond and Tracey’s chemistry is off-the-charts, and Mr. Big Stuff indeed meets his match! Tracey does not disappoint in business or in bed! And, yes, there is a reason that Raymond carries the moniker, “Mr. Big Stuff”. I’ll just leave that right here.

Because Tracey worked for KIB Enterprises, she is successful in reaching out to Mr. Top Donor, blank check writer, Khalil. Another familiar character who plays a key role in helping Tracey is her bestie, Carina from
FOR ONCE. I can’t leave out Rashaad and Zoe (SOUL LOVE), who also appear in this story. I love how the plans for the Juneteenth celebration come together. Aja does a great job in weaving characters from other novels into this storyline. They give a lot of credibility and cohesiveness to the story.

Indeed, the celebration of Juneteenth, Pittsburgh style, is the highlight of this story! From the “About Juneteenth” section to the planning of the celebration, Aja never lets the reader forget the gravity of this newly established Federal holiday. The collaboration of the eleven authors of this series who present us with stories of black love and black knowledge is priceless! I highly recommend
MR. BIG STUFF for your reading pleasure. Don’t forget to check out the playlist that Aja provides. It’s awesome! Enjoy!

12 June 2023 |