Review: Marry Me
MARRY ME - Delaney Diamond
Irresistible Husband
Garden Avenue Press
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: KISS ME by Sharon C. Cooper explores the familiar friends-to-lovers trope with Chase Kennedy and Wynter Garrett. Chase is the CFO of the same company that Wynter owns. They are the kind of friends who can finish each other’s sentences and have been there for each other through the good and the bad times. Chase wants to change their “friends” status to “lovers”. He sees his chance when Wynter offers him the opportunity to be part owner in the company. Look out fans, you are in for a great story that delves into that “next level” of a long-time platonic relationship, especially when there is opposition from one of the parties involved. Along the way, you will meet Chase’s cousins, Reggie and Xavier who have their own stories in this series. You will revisit the Double Trouble bar, and its owner, Dani (TEMPTED-Atlanta’s Finest Series), and Mason Bennett (A PASSIONATE KISS). I love the cameos and the storyline connections to the other two books in the series.

CHOOSE ME by Sheryl Lister introduces us to Xavier Fuller, cousin to Chase and Reggie. [Side note: Chase, Reggie and Xavier are close like brothers.] Xavier, CEO of his family’s trucking company, along with his cousin, April, comes to the rescue of Zena Henderson, a talented singer, who is looking for that singing contract breakthrough. It’s obvious she has picked the wrong manager, who does not have her best interests at heart. In steps the Black Knight (Xavier). You’ll get that when you read this entertaining story. I love how the author connects this story to the other two stories in the series. There are surprising cameos by two of my favorite characters from other books by the author. No spoilers. I’ll let you discover who they are when you read the story. There’s also a great scene with Xavier’s stalker ex-girlfriend. I love Xavier and Zena’s love story, and you will, too.

MARRY ME by Delaney Diamond takes an intriguing look at opposites attract. Vows renewal planner, Lorna Kessler and Divorce party planner, Reginald “Reggie” Knight, are reunited in a meet cute scenario that rekindles some old feelings that they had for each other during their college days. Since college, the Green-eyed Bandit has become quite the cynic when it comes to relationships. (You’ll understand that reference when you read the story.) Because Reggie is so hesitant to fully commit, he finds himself blocked and locked out. Ms. Diamond does a skillful job of showcasing the romantic-at-heart who meets the cynic. I love the scene at the restaurant when Lorna is on a date with another man, and Reggie crashes their dinner.

This trilogy,
KISS ME, CHOOSE ME, and MARRY ME is well-written, entertaining and engaging. Kudos to Sharon C. Cooper, Sheryl Lister, and Delaney Diamond for a winning trifecta! Each couple’s HEA is sublime. I recommend this second Irresistible Husband Series for your reading pleasure.

18th March 2023 |