Review:  Love's Awakening

Love & Justice (Book #2)

Young Creations Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Let me make a confession. I am a fan of book family stories. Talented author Sean D. Young has created a wonderful book family, the Austin’s of Chicago, who are spotlighted in her Love and Justice series. WEEKEND GIRLFRIEND, featuring Jason Austin and Charlee Summers, gave us the first look at this family of high achievers. Book 2, LOVE’S AWAKENING, presents a more in-depth look at the Austins through Philip Austin, an entertainment lawyer at the family’s prestigious law firm and his love interest, Ramona “Mona” Love, a NICU nurse.

The Prologue is a humdinger. It’s “Hasta La vista, baby” for his girlfriend, Ebony. I’ll allow you to discover what happened in beautiful Belize at the wedding festivities of Philip’s cousin, Quincy and his bride, Brittany, that caused Philip to give Ebony the proverbial boot. After deciding to make the best of a bad situation, Philip stays in Belize for a few days where he meets Mona Love who happens to be on a girl’s trip with her two sisters and two friends. The connection is serious and sizzling. Mona, a widow, and the mother of a teen-age son is at the point in her life when it’s time to “Let go, and let it flow.” Philip and Mona are open to having a fling of the most sensuous kind while enjoying Belize together. No pressure, no questions, no drama…just a great time between two consenting adults. I love the scene when Mona and Philip discover that they both live and work in Chicago.

This story has stand-out side characters! From the wise and lovable Grand’Mere, matriarch of the Austin clan to the up-and-coming basketball phenom, Jarius, Mona’s son. There are several intriguing sub-plots that contribute to complicating the main storyline and showing another side to the main characters. You will discover them when you read the story. There’s a lot of depth to this story that makes it a compelling read.

LOVE’S AWAKENING is an entertaining and captivating love story. I was all in at the Prologue! The Epilogue offers a delightful HEA for our couple. You are going to love it! Double the pleasure, double the fun! It also gives a hint of who’s next in the Austin family to find their soulmate. I recommend this well-written story for your reading pleasure. You can thank me later.

9th September 2023 |