Review: Leave It To Us
LEAVE IT TO US - A. C. Arthur

A Novel

Montlake Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Acclaimed author, A.C. Arthur, offers her readers a phenomenal piece of Women’s Fiction in the story of the Butler sisters in LEAVE IT TO US. This story is focused on aspects of love, family, loyalty, and sisterhood as seen through the eyes of the three protagonists of the story. Tamela Michele “Tami” Butler, Alana Marie “Lana” Butler Camby, and Yvonne Renee Butler are the heroines whose lives are exposed, examined, and ultimately healed through a series of events that could only be experienced in their ancestral homestead of Daufuskie Island, South Carolina, home of the Gullah culture. If you are not familiar with this intriguing culture of African American people, I suggest you do some research. You can thank me later.

Our heroines, Tami, Lana, and Yvonne are headed to Daufuskie from their homes in Boston at the behest of their deceased grandmother, Grandma Betty, who was a popular R&B singer back in the day. The sisters are charged with restoring and renovating their grandmother’s home, which was also their father’s home after the failure of his marriage to their mother, Freda.

The story is brilliantly told from the point of view of each sister as each chapter is named after her. This technique gives the reader a complete picture of the characters’ feelings, personality, and growth as the story progresses. It is so rewarding to witness their ah-hah moments that help them to come to terms with their relationship with each other (oil and water), their invalid mother, the men in their lives, and with other members of their family.

Tami, the resilient one, is the youngest; Lana, the creative one, is the middle child and the only married sister; Yvonne, the caregiver, is the oldest. I can’t wait until you read this relatable, insightful, and engrossing story that lays bare the lives of three women who at times can’t stand each other, but when confronted or challenged by an outsider, they stand together as one! So like family!

The men in their lives eventually become supporting partners. I really love Deacon Williams’ character. He is just the man for Yvonne. You’ll get that when you read the story. Lana’s husband, Isaac, really comes through after an almost devastating life event that threatens his marriage. Tami learns that she is strong and brilliant with the help of Gabriel. Kudos to the author who presents a realistic picture of how destructive and debilitating it can be to ignore a classic case of childhood ADHD. The Epilogue marks the triumph of a family who struggled and won!

LEAVE IT TO US is so fluid and well-written. I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure.

1 December 2023 |