Review: It's Not Them, It's Only Her

Young in Love (Book #4)

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Reviewer: Cheryl McNeil | Rating: A

REVIEW: Duke! Ms. Wright made readers’ day with IT’S NOT THEM, IT’S ONLY HER, featuring Duke Young. Duke is a successful chef; he’s handsome and he’s sexy. His only flaw is that he is a playboy. His appearances are highlights of prior books in the series, often enlisting one of his sister’s or best friend to help him get out of his latest one-night stand. So, who can tie Duke down?

Demita “Demi” Strong and Dallas Young have been besties since they were kids. Demi had a tough upbringing until she was taken in by the Young family. She disliked her father so much that she, similar to him, became a divorce lawyer. She is known as the “divorce whisperer” and has beaten her father in court more than once. Followers of Ms. Wright’s work may remember her as Paige Mills’ attorney in
THE WAY YOU LOVE ME from the Pure Talent Series. She’s successful but her love life is a bit of a mess. She’s subconsciously dated men that don’t meet her standards, holding out hope that Duke’s oldest brother, Tristan, will finally be ready for a relationship.

I expected the book to be fast paced because of Duke’s personality. The story was more of a slow burn because there was a lot to unpack. Demi had to realize that Tristan would never be the man for her. She had a hero complex for him since he protected her at a critical time in her life. Duke and Demi have always been there for each other, and something finally shifts. They realize what has been right in front of them all along: Demi notices Duke’s sexy smile and he’s always known she is beautiful. Duke finally has someone he wants to be committed to and Demi knows he is the one for her.

I love the
Friends To Lovers theme, but this book was more than I anticipated. It is important for us to learn about Duke’s layered past because he’s been through some things that help him mature into the man Demi deserves. He falls first! I also love the family interactions. The Youngs are such a fun group, and every family gathering/meal and group chat is hilarious. I felt like I was enjoying those yummy sounding salmon bites along with everyone else. Family secrets are also revealed and the Youngs have to give one of their family members some tough love. I truly enjoyed IT’S NOT THEM, IT’S ONLY HER, and I highly recommend it.

1st June 2023 |