Review: Intimate Allure


The Intimate Series (Book #1)

Independently Published


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW:  There is definitely a different vibe present with this latest story by the talented Sean D. Young. Don’t get me wrong, Ms Young’s stories always come with a hint of spice, but this one has a heaping serving of spice, passion and desire. Let me introduce you to Simone Reid, the owner of Intimate Secrets, a lingerie boutique that is a total sensory experience. Our male lead is Darius Mitchell, who works at OMNI Retail Group as a Business Development Manager. As with many small business operations, Simone’s sales are on a downward spiral. She has to come up with some strategies to fix it. Darius is charged with helping to bring Simone’s business to the next level with support from OMNI, or at least that is the plan.

In the meantime, Simone, along with her bestie Keisha, and one of her customers, Candice who happens to be a professional photographer, brainstorm and implement some strategies to give Intimate Secrets a social media presence to hopefully combat falling sales. Darius also has a plan, but it is complicated by his attraction to Simone. Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea, but the allure between Simone and Darius is too strong to ignore. All I can tell you is to keep your fans handy, because the heat between our leads is hotter than fish grease. The allure is real, and Ms Young goes all in! However, the script is flipped with some disturbing news that comes from Darius’ boss at OMNI, and a visit to Simone’s shop from Darius’ work nemesis, Jessica. It’s a great scene, by the way. That Jessica is a piece of work.

The threat to Darius and Simone’s relationship is handled so well. No spoilers!  You will have to read this seductive story for yourself. The Epilogue houses a feeling of “endless possibilities” for our couple.

Kudos to the author for providing a playlist of music that compliments the story. I am looking forward to reading the next offering in this Intimate series. The cover of
INTIMATE ALLURE is beautiful and adds to the vibe of the story. I recommend this story for your reading pleasure.

4th June 2024 |