Review: Igniting His Obsession
IGNITING HIS OBSESSION - Stephanie Nicole Norris
The Clarks of Northshire Bend (Book #2)
Independently Published
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Tristan Neil Clark, FBI Agent, and co-CEO of Radius, his father’s luxury sports car company, is the next Clark brother that Stephanie Nicole Norris, the prolific wordsmith, unveils in this entertaining story. Tristan has mad skills and instincts that have been honed by his law enforcement training. He also has other skills that have nothing to do with his job that he carefully protects because he is “loyal to his single status”. That is, until a beautiful songstress invades his mind and heart. Meet Chelsea Bellamy, a singer in the group, Genesis Rising. You’ve met her before if you are up to date with this series.

When the story opens, Tristan is in need of a distraction from his thoughts and feelings about Chelsea, but it doesn’t work. They keep running into each other, especially, since his brother, Malik, is married to Tina, the lead singer of Genesis Rising. No longer able to fight his attraction to Chelsea, Tristan and Chelsea become a couple. They enter a dance competition for charity and become partners when, through some missteps, their original partners bow out. Believe me, they burn up the pages as they morph into lovers. My...My…My…, Ms. Norris has a “no holds barred” rule when it comes to writing erotic, and torrid love scenes! However, there is so much more to this story.

There is a serial killer on the loose in Chicago, and the story takes a sinister turn when Chelsea becomes the target of the assassin, dubbed “The Cupid Killer”.  That sends Tristan into full protector mode. He’s a man with a plan, and that plan involves a trip to Whistler, British Columbia, where it all goes down. No spoilers, fans. You are going to be blown away when the Cupid Killer is revealed.

The side characters, from FBI Agents to family members, do their part in supporting the main characters and adding to the intrigue of the story. I’ll throw out one name, Special Agent Menlo, who first appeared in
THE CLARKS OF NORTHSHIRE BEND, A Prelude. That’s all you get.

I enjoyed reading Tristan and Chelsea’s story. Their HFN is everything! I recommend
IGNITING HIS OBSESSION for your reading pleasure. If you haven’t acquainted yourself with The Clarks of Northshire Bend Series, I strongly suggest you get on it! It’s a perfect mix of danger, duty, thrills, chills, love and loyalty. You can thank me later.

30th March 2023 |