Review: Homicide At Vincent Vineyard

A West Coast Crime Story (Book #3)

Harlequin Intrigue


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: Jake Love is the new Chief of Police in Clemmington, California, a position recently held by his father for over thirty years. Jake’s first order of business is to open a cold case—the murder of Don Vincent, one of Clemmington’s most prominent citizens. With so many suspects, he has his work cut out for him. Ella Bowman, Jake’s girlfriend, is more than happy to work beside him to help solve the case. Ella is a traveling nurse on leave recovering from a terrifying ordeal. Jake and Ella’s relationship is relatively new, but their commitment to each other is strong. But Ella is keeping a secret that has the potential to cause a rift between her and Jake.

Jake is the chief of police in Clemmington. Even though the citizens are not sure he is the right man for the position, Jake is committed to his new job. He wants to prove himself by solving a year-old murder that even his father could not solve before he retired. Ella is a traveling nurse from River Valley on leave. She has some personal issues to resolve. She and Jake are in a committed relationship, so she is considering staying in Clemmington to be near him.

HOMICIDE AT VINCENT VINEYARD by Denise N Wheatley a well-written crime story that keeps you entertained from beginning to end. The author did a good job with the depictions of the characters. The pacing is excellent, and the story flows smoothly. The sheriff in this story has several suspects in mind for the crime committed last year. But things really heat up when other murders occur in the same family—a family where secrets, lies, and deception is commonplace. The author has created a sheriff more than capable of bringing the guilty person to justice. Good read!

I love a good whodunit, and
HOMICIDE AT VINCENT VINEYARD exceeded my expectations. Several things were going on that kept me entertained. Put your thinking cap on and see if you can figure out who the culprit is?

28th November 2023 |