Review: Holding
HOLDING - Alexandria House

St. Louis Sires (Book #2)

Independently Published


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: I have never been a fan of hockey, but I must say, reading these sports-themed St. Louis Sires Series stories with some of the hunkiest hockey players ever, I say, “Go Sires!” First, there was Maleek (GOAL). Now we have the second story of the Southern Comfort hockey trio who talk trash, fight fiercely, score goals, and love intensely.  Meet Terrence “Bighead” Ford, aka Bean to his family, and a lineman on the Sires Hockey team. In addition, we meet the love of his life, Krystle “Chicken Head” Tyler Ford.  You’ll get the nicknames when you read the story. We first met Ford in GOAL and discovered that he and Krystle were divorced. Now, we get into their full intense and engrossing story.

Ford and Krystle lived across the street from each other when they were kids in Watts, Texas, a predominantly Black community outside Austin. Hockey was always in Ford’s future. He never strayed from his goal, from wearing hockey jerseys every day to only going to schools that had hockey teams. Alexandria House craftily utilizes the “then and now” technique to tell their story as our couple grows from childhood neighbors to college students who confess their love for each other. However, their love journey is rocky, to say the least, and it is the heart and soul of their story. Krystle goes from a college drop-out to a struggling artist to a real estate agent who sells plush accommodations. Ford reaches his goal of becoming an elite hockey star. Yet, their marriage is unstable and leads to a “divorce”. You’ll understand why I placed the ‘d’ word in quotes when you read their story. Something is definitely wrong when the only thing that ties them together is a pet iguana “son” named LaDarius.
HOLDING is a multi-layered story that is more than another sports-themed tale. It’s about family, friends who are like family, and mental illness. It’s a story about two people who seem to have everything but are lacking everything that matters. They need help! Believe me, reading Ford and Krystle’s story will leave you breathless and relieved.

The scene at a charity ball sponsored by Krystle’s boss who owns the reality company where Krystle works serves as a game changer when Ford and Krystle, who are with their dates, confront each other. Ironically, Ford’s date is the woman whom Krystle trained and the daughter of Krystle’s boss. Great scene. Big South is the house. I’ll just leave that right there for all the Alexandria House fans. WYKYK. The Epilogue is a welcomed serene change of pace from some of the previous chapters’ intense scenes. It’s a woosah moment indeed.

HOLDING is an exceptional story of love, forgiveness and second chances. Alexandria House is a masterful storyteller, and her MC’s always shine even with their flaws and issues. I recommend HOLDING for your reading pleasure. You can thank me later.

10th August 2023 |