Review: Her Secret Billionaire

Six Gems (Book #2

Harlequin Desire


Cheryl McNeil (B)


REVIEW: HER SECRET BILLIONAIRE, Book #2 of the Six Gems Series features Chef Egypt Cox. Egypt is able to transition from her food truck to open a restaurant called “Flame”. This is thanks to the aunt of one of her best friends. As we learned in HER BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER. Book #1 in the series, Helaine Smith left each of the “Six Gems” a sizable inheritance. This is right on time for Egypt, who unfortunately has been taken advantage of by her ex-boyfriend and is left with not much of her savings. Egypt is done with relationships and pours everything into making her restaurant successful.

Thomas “Garrett” Forrester comes from money and is expected to take over the family business. However, he is more passionate about the 300-acre farm that his grandfather left him and wants to forge his own path toward success. After a frustrating meeting with his parents regarding a potential sale of the farm, Garrett decides to check out a new restaurant on the way to the farm. The food is delicious, and he notices Egypt right away. The feeling is mutual, and Egypt and Garrett are attracted right away. Garrett notices a brightness that shines around Egypt. She thinks he is tall, dark and handsome. Garrett is persistent and the pair make plans for a date. Unfortunately, Garrett is attacked, suffers a head injury and develops amnesia.

I like how Egypt is caring and passionate. She doesn’t leave Garrett’s side so he knows he can trust her. When Garrett finally gains consciousness, he remembers his attraction to Egypt that developed over a short period. He also remembers someone he knew growing up, who, out of fear about the future, lied about Garrett’s connection to his past. Despite this, Garrett attempts to rebuild his life and develop a fresh start.

While I was reading, there was a plot flaw that I couldn’t get pass. It had to do with Garrett’s amnesia, and the timeline of certain events in the story. Being able to reconcile this would have made the book a more enjoyable and cohesive read. One thing is for sure, amnesia or not, Garrett and Egypt had chemistry and a physical connection. There was not much that would keep them from their happily ever after. The “six gems” are more like sisters, and I look forward to what’s next in the series.

1st July 2023 |