Review: Her Royal Majesty
HER ROYAL MAJESTY - Stephanie Nicole Norris

The Royal House of Kera Asnela (Book #4)

Love Is A Drug Ink


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: In continuing The Royals of Kera Asnela Series, talented and prolific author, Stephanie Nicole Norris, has linked the fourth book of the series to the Clarks of Northshire Bend Series by highlighting the Queen of the Clarks, Cynthia Clark and King Isaac Winthrope, the Ruler of Kera Asnela, a beautiful kingdom in Africa. If you recall, Cynthia is the mother of Derek, Malik, Tristan, and Langston Clark. They each have their own intriguing books, and I recommend them: Derek- HER NAUGHTY SUITOR, Malik- HIS MAIN ATTRACTION, Langston- DYING WITHOUT YOU, and Tristan- IGNITING HIS OBSESSION. You can thank me later!

When the story opens, Cynthia is in Kera Asnela, as a “special” guest of King Isaac. Although she is quite happy and contented being with the King, her sons are not. They want their mother back in Chicago even though they all agreed that staying at the royal palace was a safe space for Cynthia. Why? Well fans, I suggest that you read
DYING WITHOUT YOU: Elite Alliance to discover why Cynthia fled Chicago and into the arms of King Isaac. I love the scene where the King wisely steps in and diffuses what is beginning to be a tense situation between Cynthia and her sons. King Isaac is a smooth operator! Just ask Fredrick Clark, Cynthia’s ex who took it upon himself to travel to Kera Asnela to “check on” Cynthia. Fredrick’s visit causes King Isaac to check him and show him the door. However, that visit prompts a long-held family secret to surface that Cynthia realizes she must reveal to her family. It is a poignant scene when she discloses the closely guarded secret to her sons. In the meantime, King Isaac also has a decision to make concerning his and Cynthia’s future together. Without missing a beat, the King sets things in motion to secure the HFN for him and the Queen of the Clarks. Checkmate!

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Stephanie Nicole Norris has a way of immersing her readers in her stories that completely captivates their attention and imagination. The Epilogue gives us a glimpse of the next royal in line to find love. No spoilers. In the meantime, I recommend
HER ROYAL MAJESTY for your reading pleasure.

22nd October 2023 |