Review: Her Private Security Detail


The Touré Security Group (Book #2)

Harlequin Romantic Suspense


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Let me first say that I love these Touré brothers, Hezekiah, Malachi, and Jeremiah, whom we first met in DOWN TO THE WIRE (Malachi’s story). HER PRIVATE SECURITY DETAIL, Book #2 in this series, gives us an in-depth look at Jeremiah “Jerry” Touré who plans to leave the Touré Security Group, his family-owned company. I’ll allow you to discover why he thinks he must leave the business. Before his exit, however, there is a potential client who has asked for him personally. Jerry was recommended by Dr. Grace Blackwell, the heroine of DOWN TO THE WIRE.

Philanthropist Simone Bishop is an executive with The Bishop Foundation that was started by her grandfather. When the story begins, we discover that the board of the foundation wants to remove her from her present position. Not only that, but her life is also being threatened. Three direct threats occur that causes Jeremiah Touré and the Touré Security Group to get involved. Simone’s case is further complicated by a malpractice suit that she and her stepfather filed in the death of Simone’s mother, and the possibility that her mother was murdered. Jerry takes the case to protect Simone when he witnesses one of the threats made against her. It’s an explosive scene, literally. Prolific writer, Patricia Sargeant, employs one of my favorite tropes, Close Proximity, to bring our couple together, and to create tension in the story.

One of my now favorite homicide police detectives, Eriq Duster returns to investigate the death threats for the Columbus, Ohio Police Department. The plot thickens as the safe house where Jerry and Symone are inhabiting no longer is safe. People come up missing, dead, and are not who they claim to be. I tell you, this Romantic Suspense has it all, and I enjoyed every minute! What about the Romance part? I’m glad you asked! You just know that this couple belongs together, but Jerry holds back. No spoilers. I’ll allow you to discover why.

I am enjoying this series so much! Ms. Sargeant creates the perfect three P’s mix that Romantic Suspense is known for: Life-threatening danger (problem), sexual tension (proximity), and action scenes balanced with quiet moments (pacing). I recommend
HER PRIVATE SECURITY DETAIL for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

21st May 2024 |