Review:  Her One Night Consequence

Six Gems (Book #3)

Harlequin Desire


Cheryl McNeil (A)


REVIEW: Asia Reynolds is a jewelry designer currently working retail for a store owner who has also become a friend. She often has the opportunity to sell some of her own designs. Like the other “Six Gems” friends, Asia receives an inheritance from Wynter’s aunt Helaine. However, she hasn’t been able to get the jump start she needs to start her own business. I thought it was interesting that she came up with the name of the friend group when she comments that they are like gemstones. Blake Coleman is a successful businessman in construction, and a playboy who’s not ready to settle down. He experienced a tragic loss early in his life that has impacted how close he gets to people.

Asia and Blake meet when he is shopping for a gift for his aunt’s birthday. He catches Asia’s eye right away and she thinks he is the best-looking man she has seen in a while. He is tall, sexy and handsome. He loves her unique pieces and what he sees as well in the petite beauty. So much so, that he invites her to his aunt’s party.  When Asia and Blake share a kiss there is an instant attraction. She is cautious with men; however, they make a connection in a short period of time that leads to a night with no strings attached. Despite that, Blake is wrong in the way he handles things. He is afraid of what he is feeling and runs, almost literally, for the hills. Sometime later, he tries to make things right with extravagant gifts and displays of affection, however little did he know that he and Asia will be tied together for a long time. 

Ms. St. John has featured a couple with passion for each, in business, and with strong chemistry in the bedroom. Blake’s response to Asia’s surprise is not what she expects. Despite Blake not being ready to settle down, he is “all in”. He is also supportive and provides great business advice. He sees Asia’s value and encourages her to be confident in her worth. Asia is independent but being vulnerable made her uncomfortable. They are both afraid of falling in love and of losing someone.

HER ONE NIGHT CONSEQUENCE, Ms. St. John includes several scenes where readers get an update on the other “gems”. Blake finds out quickly that the friend group is protective. There was a bumpy road to happily every after, however this was an enjoyable read and I highly recommend it.

1 December 2023 |