Review: Her Best Kept Secret
Harlequin Desire
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: After meeting at his birthday party, Nore Daniels and Joaquin Iverson had one explosive night together. That night was supposed to be a one-night stand for both of them. Nore and Joaquin have been hurt by love and have sworn off relationships. So, neither one expected their chemistry to be off the charts. It was a night like no other and not easy to forget. But they soon discover that a passion so strong cannot be ignored. To add fire to an already hot situation, Nore discovers that her new client, Joaquin, is her ex's estranged half-brother. With emotions running high, Joaquin and Nore find a way to work together to ensure this project succeeds. These two lovers find the courage to embrace this second chance at love despite the rough patches they endure.

Nore is an event planner in business with her ex, a mistake she made when she allowed him to buy into her company. Nore is a self-starter and the force behind her company’s success. Joaquin is a former motorcycle racer and is now a successful businessman. He had a rough childhood but survived it and carved out a life for himself despite his many obstacles.

HER BEST KEPT SECRET is one night stand romance that develops into so much more. However, the relationship between Joaquin and Nore should be off limits considering Nore was once engaged to Joaquin’s half-brother. But the writing skills of the author make it work. The story is captivating from the beginning. The characters come alive between the pages with their complex personalities. It has enough drama, anxiety, and sizzling passion to keep you entertained by this page-turner. But most of all, the two main characters have a strong love connection that cannot be broken.

HER BEST KEPT SECRET is another spicy romance by Naima Simone. I recommend this novel for those who enjoy a little drama on the way to happily ever after. Nore and Joaquin are so good together you won’t be able to put this novel down.

6th April 2023 |