Review: Her Alaskan Return
Serenity Peak (Book #1)
Love Inspired Romance

Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: I love second chance at love tropes. Belle Calhoune has written a complicated, but uplifting sweet romance of two people who get a second chance at love after 12 years. Meet Judah Campbell, a fourth generation Alaskan  commercial fisherman, and Autumn Hines, a journalist now working for the Alaskan Tribune. When the story opens, Autumn has returned to her hometown of Serenity Peak after living and working in New York. She and Judah have a first-time encounter on a road during a torrential downpour. Autumn brother’s truck stopped running, and Judah stops to help the lady in distress. Of course, he is shocked to discover that the lady is Autumn.

Autumn and Judah were sweethearts back in the day. I will not divulge what broke them up, because that plot point is crucial to the storyline. I will say, however, that Autumn is the one who initiated the break-up because of a physical condition that she did not want Judah to know about. I’ll stop right here, and allow you to discover the intriguing reason, especially since Autumn, who is divorced and pregnant with her first child. Judah was also married, but is a widower. You’ll read his backstory when you read the book. No spoilers, fans.

As Ms. Calhoune deftly builds Autumn and Judah’s story, there are several reveals that are disclosed about Judah’s life and his relationship (or lack of) to some of the citizen’s in Serenity Peak, and Autumn’s role in the investigation of the commercial fishing industry that involves Judah. Eventually, Autumn and Judah develop a relationship, but there is always the proverbial elephant in the room as to the reason that Autumn broke off their relationship. Chapter 13 is a pivotal chapter in their story, and it is expressed by the author as “Shadows of the past being overtaken by the emerging sunlight of the future.” Eventually Autumn confesses why she broke up with Judah who didn’t take it too well at first. However, in a moment of clarity, love wins the second time around. The Epilogue that houses their HFN is so sweet.

I enjoyed this story that emphasizes love, forgiveness, hope, and new beginnings. I recommend
HER ALASKAN RETURN for all the hopeless romantics out there. (Me included.)

28th March 2023 |