Review: Guarding His Princess

The Mitchell Brothers (Book #3)

Oliver Herber Books


Cheryl McNeil (A)


REVIEW: Cameron Mitchell’s world has been turned upside down. He was injured in a plane accident and is no longer in the Air Force. His ex-girlfriend is now his brother’s wife, and he is reeling from news that he learned regarding his heritage. He is Angry at the world and trying to determine what he is going to do with his life. One of his good friends, Khalil Naseer, is now the King of Bahara, a small country in the middle east. He has asked Cameron to become head of security for his sister, Princess Amani Naseer, because he thinks his family is being targeted. Cameron jumps at the chance to help his friend and get away from his troubles.

Princess Amani wants more in life and is battling with what her rightful place should be in her country. This includes marrying someone with a royal background. She has a degree in finance and economics but is mostly ignored or regulated to what a woman’s “place” should be. Cameron has been in her country for six months and she has become infatuated with him. She’s forward and expresses what she wants. Cameron is becoming attracted to her too and is struggling to remain professional. Once they share a passionate kiss, the next steps are inevitable.

Their chemistry is off the charts, however, there are consequences to their actions. Amani has fallen in love with Cameron, however, he expresses that he isn’t interested in a traditional, loving marriage. Despite the circumstances, he and Amani organically connect, and she is there for him in a vulnerable moment as he continues to deal with trauma from the plane crash. Being with Amani makes him happy. Getting to know her helps him deal with his hurt and anger. Cameron doesn’t realize what’s happening before his eyes and when he finally does, it may be too late.

GUARDING HIS PRINCESS, Ms. St. John focuses on Cameron evaluating his life as he struggles to repair the broken relationships with his family and discovers what real love is. A family crisis has a way of bringing everyone together. It was good to get updates on the rest of the family as well. This was a good continuation to the series, and I recommend it.

24 March 2024 |