Review: Game of Two Halves

GAME OF TWO HALVES - Unoma Nwankwor

KevStel Publications


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: All right, All right, All right! The UN Universe has expanded to a new frontier! Unoma Nwankwor, storyteller extraordinaire, treats her readers to a sports romance that transports us to Viva City, located in North London, England. The Viva City Panthers Football (soccer) Club is the team where our male lead, Nonso Chijuka, will fill the position of CM (Control Midfielder). The female lead is Yinka Martins, a numbers’ wiz Financial Advisor at Apex Financial Management in Viva City. Both Yinka and Nonso grew up in America, but their family roots are Nigerian.

So, what brings our two lead characters, a professional soccer player and a financial analyst together? I’m glad you asked. Nonso is plagued with a serious condition known as a “walking ATM”. You will totally get it when you read the story. Yinka is asked or told by her boss to work with team members about handling their finances wisely. However, before this, Yinka and Nonso had met. It’s also where Nonso labels Yinka with the moniker “Specs”. A great meet-cute scene! Being at the top of his game is proving to be a drag, financially, for Nonso. He seeks help and advice from people whom he trusts, and this proves to be a very important piece of the storyline. I love Yinka’s character who also has some family issues, along with a tragic backstory, to work through.

Some of the side characters, like Yinka’s bestie, Cassie, and Nonso’s advisor, Big Iz, are present to render advice, along with those who always have their hands out. It’s an eclectic bunch of family and friends Nonso and Yinka have to deal with, whether they like it or not. One of the great features of this story are the secondary characters from previous stories in the UN Universe who appear. If you are a true fan, you’ll recognize them when you read the book. If not, you are missing out on some unforgettable characters as well as stories that span the diaspora.

The familiar themes, “Black love, faith, family, with a touch of African culture”, that the talented Ms. Nwankwor is known for are also present in this story. I recommend
GAME OF TWO HALVES for your reading pleasure. It’s a tale of enduring love and triumph, where two souls navigate and conquer life's challenges to find their happily ever after.

5th June 2024 |