Review: Frenemy Fix-Up
FRENEMY FIX-UP - Yahrah St. John

Six Gems (Book #4)

Harlequin Afterglow


Cheryl McNeil (B+)


REVIEW: Shay Davis is a yoga instructor who owns the Balance and Elevate studio, thanks to an inheritance from her honorary aunt Helaine. Aunt Helaine was her best friend Wynter’s aunt and both Shay and Wynter are part of the “Six Gems” best friend crew. Wynter is also engaged to Shay’s older brother and was featured in the first book of the series. Shay hasn’t figured out how to make the studio reach its full potential and is trying to determine her next steps. While out and about, Shay sees Colin Anderson, an old high school crush. Unfortunately, Colin didn’t know she existed back then. Their exchange is hostile and borderline flirty. Colin is climbing the corporate ladder and has been working too hard in preparation for a major company milestone. In addition to his career, he envisions the type of woman he should marry, and Shay does not fit that mold.

Everyone in Colin’s life thinks he needs a better work life balance.  A health scare forces him to change his focus. Shay is in the right place at the right time to help Colin develop healthy habits with his mind, body and soul, and the story goes from there. I thought the amount that Colin offers Shay to help him is a bit farfetched, however, Colin senses 0that Shay may need help with her business as well.

Ms. St. John focuses on Shay’s insecurities because of a past failed relationships. This causes her to jump to conclusions. She also highlights the impact of being her mother’s main caretaker, as she battled depression for years after Shay’s father left. Her mom’s illness also had an impact on Shay’s wellbeing. Colin is stuck between what he thinks he should want and the beautiful, caring person in Shay that is right in front of him.

As in previous stories, there are fun scenes with the “six gems” as they prepare for an important milestone in one of their lives. There are a couple of predictable moments related to Colin’s expertise and Shay’s business. I also thought there is a laser focus on Shay’s insecurities and feelings that she is not good enough. There are some steamy scenes as Shay helps Colin in the bedroom and out. The question is, could Colin and Shay get out of their own way? Overall,
FRENEMY FIX-UP is an enjoyable read

20th February 2024 |