Review: Forever Carly

FOREVER CARLY - Michele Sims

Green Books Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: I love how this story opened with a tense scene involving the heroine, Dr. Caroline “Carly” Rivers, a professor, and expert on preserving historically black neighborhoods, and her lawyer just before the jury is to return a guilty or not guilty verdict that will affect her professionally and personally. No spoilers. It’s a great opening scene for this Contemporary Romance that involves Carly and Mason Moore, CEO of his investment group. Carly and Mason were college sweethearts, but when the story opens, they have been separated for ten years.

As it happens, when Carly and Mason meet each other after ten years, they are on opposite sides of the street, literally. Mason’s firm is buying property in Carly’s old neighborhood, and the home she grew up in is part of the parcel of property. You can see that this is going to be a problem between Carly and Mason due to a number of reasons; one being that Mason is investigating Carly and is aware of her recent court appearance. There were many questions that I had about Mason’s character at this point in the story who seems to be a cut-throat, insensitive mogul. To Carly, he is an active participant in destroying historical black neighborhoods in the name of “progress and development”.

Carly’s South Carolina African American community is on the chopping block, and her former sweetheart is the head honcho. Quite a dilemma when they finally encounter each other after ten years. The rift that caused them to end their college romance is another plot point that talented author Michele Sims blends into the storyline. There are a lot of unresolved issues, personal and business, that Carly and Mason have to deal with before they can move on as a couple again. One of the startling issues that unfolds as the story develops is that of birthright involving Carly’s ex-husband. You’ll get that when you read the story.

The author, Michele Sims, has penned an engrossing story that effectively encompasses the future of historical black neighborhoods, family ties, and second chance love. There is just the right balance of plot twists, suspense, and romance. I recommend
FOREVER CARLY for your reading pleasure.

1st June 2023 |