Review: Flames of Wrath
FLAMES OF WRATH - J. L. Campbell

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Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Stating that “this book is something new and different” for prolific author JL Campbell is an understatement. This book is a complete stepping out of the proverbial box of “suspense with romance” for Ms. Campbell. FLAMES OF WRATH is a solid page turner from the Prologue to the Epilogue. Alexia Leighton is the featured character in this story, along with her mother, Geneva Leighton. When we meet Alexia, she is attending a spring break party in Jamaica, along with other fellow university students enjoying a break from school. Alexia and most of the students are from Florida. One minute Alexia is thinking about leaving the “party”, and the next minute she becomes a victim of a brutal assault. It’s a tragic tale that is ripped from today’s headlines. What happens in the remaining chapters of this story is an all-out campaign of revenge.

If “Mama Bear” was a person, her name would be Geneva Leighton. Just watching her become an active participant as her daughter’s advocate (and I’m putting that mildly) from a tearful mother at her daughter’s bedside is mind-blowing. Those who have an inkling of what she is doing, like her husband, Spencer, and her son, Jaden are giving her plenty of leave-way. It’s like “don’t ask-don’t tell”. Once the Florida police get involved, they suspect, but have no tangible proof. Geneva Leighton, a cybersecurity expert, is going to do some damage. She goes from Mama Bear to Avenger! Her “flames of wrath” campaign is on and popping. No spoilers, fans, you have to read this book for yourself! Get ready! It’s Geneva against those who harmed Alexia.

Some of the side characters are not likable at all. You’ll know them when you meet them. I like Alexia’s spirit. She is a fighter. Her “friend”, Deja, is a captivating side character with her own tragic past that connects with the main storyline in a very dismal manner and becomes a “casualty of war”.  The Epilogue provides an exhale moment. Although there is no HFN or HEA, there is resolution, whether you agree with the outcome or not.

One thing for sure, the versatility of JL Campbell as a writer is displayed in this engrossing story. Kudos to her and her son who assisted in getting this story on paper and making it very credible. I recommend
FLAMES OF WRATH for your reading pleasure.

28th November 2023 |